Monster Munchies

FOOD TELEVISION – Saturdays from 13 August, 5.30pm

This mouth-watering series celebrates the best of traditional cuisine by holding a cooking competition on a massive scale. Spain regularly holds festivals where whole villages cook gigantic paellas. In America there are fiercely fought battles to see who can cook the biggest burger, pizza and hotdog. In Monster Munchies, two local food producers go head-to-head in an against-the-clock cook-off where size definitely matters! The teams have just 24 hours to produce supersized versions of traditional dishes such as gigantic jam tarts, whopping pork pies, enormous bowls of trifle and truly colossal Cornish pasties. The series explores the history and recipe of each dish whilst following the teams as they source, prepare and deliver the giant meals to a crowd of hungry locals. It’s a food show of awe-inspiring proportions – a celebration of national cuisine on a giant scale.