10:30pm Wednesday, October 27 on TV2

Leigh Hart and his team wrap up their journey tonight and share your favourite Moon TV moments in the finale of local comedy series Moon TV USA.

By contacting or Leigh Hart on Facebook, the Moon TV team are asking the public what their favourite moments are. The moments or scenes with the most votes will become part of a unique ‘Best Of’ package which will be combined with brand new, never-before-seen footage.

When asked why Hart and the team choose to have viewers contribute to the final episode, Hart, in his comical fashion, said, “the main reason was the fact that we ran out of footage, and in those situations it is always best to do a ‘Best Of’ sort of scenario. It is one of the first things they teach you at film school. The second thing is to not eat seafood chowder while you are editing footage.

“Plus, it is always great to respect the viewers’ requests and we have been very much in touch with them throughout the production of this series. Modern technology has allowed us to gauge the response to certain content week by week,” he continues.

With the sixth series of Moon TV, wrapping up Hart and his team are busy working on their next big project. He says, “we have a couple of exciting things in the pipeline and we begin filming soon for them, but I cant say too much, plus a couple of opportunities overseas. We’re also launching an internet-based breakfast TV show soon and we are looking for sponsors!”

10:30pm Wednesday, September 1 on TV2

Moon TV continues its adventure in the United States, with more memorable skits, this year broadcast out of New York.

Series creator and entertainer extraordinaire, Leigh Hart says viewers can expect to see more of what they know and love, but with all the hilarity of these very Kiwi characters attempting to function in New York.

“You see familiar characters like The Speedo Cops and Hamsterman, but they are interacting in an entirely different environment. For example, New Zealand’s Speedo Cops are attempting to work in with the NYPD and this often causes mayhem and confusion.”

Also new to this series is the added element of Moon TV going behind the scenes as the team attempt to make a New Zealand Breakfast show in New York.

“I think the Breakfast show guests probably found the New Zealand or Moon TV way of doing things fairly strange,” Hart reflects. “I also suspect that many of them still think we were actually broadcasting LIVE back to New Zealand which of course we weren’t.”

Hart says the New Yorkers Moon TV interacted with took to it fairly well but laughs, “Much like here I suspect they won’t know what they were involved with until the finished product comes out.

“At the end of the day it is still very much a New Zealand show – made by New Zealanders for a New Zealand audience, however police men in Speedos was probably as strange to the Americans as it is to most New Zealanders.”

Tonight on Moon TV USA, the word is out that Robert De Niro is looking like a potential guest on the Late Night Big Breakfast. The Speedo Cops are in New York City struggling with the concept of jurisdiction and officer Marty Hernandez comes to terms with being a subway cop.

Meanwhile, Colin the Hamsterman has his first shop disaster in his Brooklyn store.

If you have missed an episode, full episodes of Moon TV USA will be available free online 12 hours after the show has aired on TV2. Go to and click the ‘ondemand’ button.