Most Shocking

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Get ready to remove your jaw from the floor, because these ultimate caught-on-camera moments will be some of the Most Shocking scenarios you’ve ever seen. Reality TV king Bruce Nash spans the globe to bring you pulse-pounding criminal pursuits, gut-wrenching gaffes and acts of alarming public stupidity.

9:35pm Friday, October 12 on Prime


At 25, Ruth Ojadi had an amazing singing voice and a place to study music at university. She should have been on her way to the top. Instead, Ruth was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome and her life fell apart. The blinks and twitches her GP had put down to nerves became worse and before long she started swearing and blurting out inappropriate comments, eventually dropping out of university and locking herself away. Now, three years on, Ruth has decided to take her life back and once again step up to the mic, but when a trip to the supermarket is such a struggle how will she cope with getting up on stage?

9:35pm Friday, October 5 on Prime


A look at nine months in the lives of two half-sibling couples, one in Scotland and one in America, whose incestuous relationships began after reuniting as adults and which they believe to be the result of Genetic Sexual Attraction, which occurs between relatives who are reunited as adults after several years apart. Destroying marriages, facing prosecution and disowned by families and friends, both couples feel a sense of helplessness about the strength of their forbidden love and anger at the society that refuses to accept their love between consenting adults.

9:35pm Friday, September 28 on Prime


Controversial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Ersek, shot to infamy when he performed rhinoplasty on an 11 year-old girl, and has even performed liposuction on himself. In Half Cut Woman, Dr. Ersek is undertaking a unique experiment. He will carry out extensive surgery on a severely overweight patient- but for the first time ever he will operate only on one side of her body at a time, offering viewers a unique opportunity to see the before and after effects of the surgery on the same body. Performing liposuction, a tummy tuck and breast lift, Dr. Ersek will radically change one side of Ruby’s body from shoulder to foot, leaving the other half exactly as it is.

Six weeks later Dr Ersek plans to operate on the other side of Ruby’s body, performing exactly the same procedures again to ensure that both sides match. There are medical reasons behind this decision – by operating on only half of Ruby’s body Dr. Ersek can perform the procedure under local anesthetic and Ruby will be able to lie on the side that has not been operated on, giving her a more comfortable recovery. Will the controversial procedure be a success? Or has Dr Ersek gone too far this time?

9:30pm Friday, September 21 on Prime


This is about the changing face of Madonna. How has she transformed herself from Material Girl to the biggest global pop icon we’ve ever seen? And what does the future hold? This is your chance to see her face transformed beyond recognition when we give you an exclusive look at Madonna aged 75.

9:30pm Friday, September 14 on Prime


From the lawyers and agents to the plastic surgeons, gurus and private detectives, this documentary meets Michael Jackson’s inner circle and reveals how Hollywood really works. For the first time since Michael Jackson’s death, key Hollywood players – including his lawyer, agent, private eye, a former classmate and personal spiritual advisor – shine a fascinating light, through Jackson, on Hollywood’s hidden underbelly. Journalist Jacques Peretti lifts the lid on how the weird world of Hollywood really operates behind the scenes, gaining unprecedented access to some of the people who pull the Hollywood strings. He offers a rare glimpse into the Hollywood behind the scenes and shows that Jackson, far from weird, was a perfectly normal Hollywood customer. Peretti demonstrates how the machine created to service the star ultimately destroyed him.

9:30pm Friday, September 7 on Prime


Our junk food addiction is dropping alarmingly down the age ladder. We’re now rearing a generation of fast food babies. This documentary reveals babies and toddlers eating a diet of chips, burgers and kebabs all washed down with bottles of fizzy cola. It explores the deep-seated reasons why parents resort to junk food feeding and follows three families as they desperately try and get back on the right nutritional track. From gentle food play to dramatic shocks, the parents team up with real experts who mentor them through the latest techniques as they try to wean their children off fast food.

9:30pm Friday, August 31 on Prime


My Five Husbands

At the age of 30 Emily Horne has been married five times – but she never bothered to get divorced. In her wake she’s left a string of confused husbands and lovers. She’s worked in the porn industry and as an ‘escort’. She’s served one jail sentence for bigamy. She was recently on trial again for the same offence. This giddy mix of sex, deceit and betrayal is a tabloid editor’s dream. But behind the lurid headlines is a darker tale of mental illness, addiction and neglect. Emily says she wants to be in a film in order to present the truth about herself. But does she? Her version of the truth is wildly at odds with that of the husbands, lovers and family members who appear in the film.

9:30pm Friday, August 24 on Prime


With Britain recovering from the worst recession since the war, over a million women are unemployed. Drastic times call for drastic measures and this documentary uncovers a burgeoning industry – phone sex. Gone are the cliches of bored old housewives earning pin money in late night call centres. You wouldn’t believe who is getting in on the act: young, old, single, married, educated, and erudite.

Call Girls meets the women who are paid to talk dirty. There’s first time recruit, student Rosa, who after weeks of unsuccessful job hunting believes that phone sex may hold the key to getting back in the black. We are with her as she dips her toe into the world of phone sex for the very first time. Next is the doyenne of dirty dialogue, Jenny, who after a decade in the game is truly the matriarch of the industry. She’s so comfortable giving her mucky monologues, she’s even on the phone earning when her mates are round. Finally, there’s darling dominatrix Marnie Diamond, whose touching story warns of the darker side of phone sex as she debates whether the huge pay cheque is worth the effect on other aspects of her life. Punctuated with additional phone sex stories, this hilarious and very British portrait of a huge yet hidden industry shows that when the chips are down, these lip service lovelies are doing all they can to keep the balance sheet clean…even if it does mean talking a little dirty.

9:30pm Friday, August 17 on Prime


If you think you’ve seen it all… wait until you check out these new Most Shocking episodes! In a Texas border town, along a major corridor known for drugs and human trafficking, a two-year-old boy has been beaten to death. His aunt, Mayra Rosales, is the only one with him at the time and is charged with his murder. But is that even possible? Mayra weighs over 1000 pounds. She is bed-ridden and immobile. Why is she confessing to a heinous crime she couldn’t have committed? Or could she have…? What emerges is a complex and riveting mystery as we unravel what really happened in Mayra’s home on March 18, 2008.

Mayra’s sheer size pushes every aspect of this case to the extreme. What she is capable of, no one really knows; but her health is ailing. Mayra’s trial and potential incarceration will be a challenge no justice system has ever faced. For the duration of her trial, Mayra will literally eat, sleep, go to the bathroom and live on a bed inside the courtroom. For now, her size has let her remain under house arrest-though no police officers are even posted to watch her. While the DA seems certain that she is too big to travel, it’s a source of tremendous controversy and outrage in a town that’s already convicted her in the court of public opinion.