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Just after midnight on the 9th August 1969, a car pulls up outside actress Sharon Tate’s sprawling Benedict Canyon home. The designated driver, Linda Kasabian, stands guard outside, while her three ‘Family’ members commit one of most horrific mass murders in American history.

Taking viewers deep inside a twisted world of hate, fear, sexual transgression, and mind-control, Manson details how cult leader Charles Manson transformed a harmless group of hippies – mostly young women from good families – into a gang of brutal murderers.

Chronicling the chilling, four-week lead-up to the bible and Beatles inspired racial war he called ‘Helter Skelter,’ and featuring exclusive interviews with original ‘family’ members, this two hour special weaves together high-end drama, rare archival footage, and eyewitness testimony to present a spellbinding portrait of a true nightmare. And after forty years in hiding, and for the first time ever, Linda Kasabian tells her full story.

Leaving her abusive husband behind and with her young daughter in tow, 20-year-old Linda thought she’d found paradise on Manson’s hippie commune outside Los Angeles. Living within the abandoned Wild West film set on the Spahn Ranch, she felt at home in the tight-knit community and when she met Manson it was as though the charismatic leader could see right into her soul.

As Manson subjected his followers to LSD-fuelled orgies and increasingly bizarre tests of loyalty, Linda fell completely under his spell.

Once Manson realized he could get his ‘family’ to kill anyone he wanted, Linda found herself behind the wheel of the getaway car on a murderous mission that would shock America to the core.

FRIDAY 31st July 9:35PM


Ever wondered why some men have the desire to dress in women’s clothes? Is this a trait they’re born with, or does it develop over time? This documentary goes behind the scenes of two ordinary couples who share the same secret – their husbands are cross dressers.

From the small town of Alpena, Michigan where Carrieanne and Joe have kept his lifestyle a secret from friends and family, to the big city of Houston, Texas where a pair of grandparents has been living the lifestyle openly, this episode will look at men who dress like women, and the women who marry them.

FRIDAY 24th July 9:35PM


When was it decided that big breasts were best? What about little breasts and flat chests? Is there fulfilment in being flat chested? Flatly Stacked is film maker Judy Holm’s personal journey to discover the answers to these questions. The women featured in Flatly Stacked range in age from 13 to 53. They include young girls on the cusp of womanhood who are flat chested and anxious about it, older women who are completely comfortable with their petite breast size, and others who are thinking about taking steps to change their bodies. The women featured in the film are articulate and passionate about the subject. Some of their stories are funny, others poignant – all are unique and dynamic.

“As someone who never grew out of her training bra, I wanted to examine how the size of a woman’s breasts can impact her life – emotionally and psychologically”, says producer Judy Holm. “Growing breasts is the quintessential female rite of passage. What if that rite of passage never takes place?”

FRIDAY 26th June 9:35PM


From the moment Adam and Eve realized they were naked, men (and women) have been obsessed with the penis. Just what makes a ‘perfect penis’? How long? How thick? Circumcised or not? Does it depend on who is using it? How has the size, shape and indeed the style of the ‘perfect penis’ evolved? And can it be improved? And how can something so funny looking create so much tension, anxiety and pleasure?

Penis Dementia examines such aspects of the penis as purpose, health issues and common myths. Through animation, archival health films and personal accounts, Penis Dementia is a stimulating and witty investigation of a subject that has been kept behind closed drawers for far too long.

FRIDAY 12th June 9.35pm


From Miss World to Miss Universe, beauty pageants are famous for bikini clad gorgeous girls, with fabulously slim, perfect bodies. But not anymore! Now there’s an international beauty contest where size is a big issue, because if you are not a dress size 18 or above, you can’t enter. Here fat is where it’s at, cellulite is celebrated and being super sized is sexy.

This documentary goes behind the scenes for a look at a larger than life beauty pageant where 12 ladies battle it out to be crowned “Miss International Bold & Beautiful”.

FRIDAY 5th June


Closed circuit television came to Britain in 1967, when a small tea house in London introduced a basic black and white camera to see if the patrons were taking too many tea cakes.

Forty years on and Britain has more public surveillance cameras than any other country on earth. It’s reckoned that some people are caught on camera 375 times a day.

This documentary examines the history of CCTV, most notably as a weapon to combat crime, terrorism, public disorder and bad driving.

FRIDAY 29th May

Documentary Series

Tonight’s episode in the Most Shocking! Series explores women who enjoy the world of fetishism.

First there is Jen, by day she’s a single mum to a young son, but when night falls, Jen turns into her alter ego, Germany, a sexy performer who loves to play with fire, literally. Germany has turned a fetish for fire into a sensual performance where she loses herself in the music, swallows flames, brushes lit torches across her body, and mesmerizes the crowd with her passion for fire.

Then there’s Kristie, she idolized Wonder Woman as a girl and now she’s a wonder woman in the fetish-wrestling world. What started out as a way to make some extra cash, has now turned into a well-paying career.

Michelle loves food. She loves shopping for food, eating food, and smearing food all over her lover’s body and licking it off from head to toe. Michelle is what you’d call a ‘Splosher’, someone with a fetish for food. Her motto is “if you can put it on a plate, you can put it on a human being.”

Finally there is Kailey; she’s taken the term ‘forever young’ to a whole new level. By day, she’s a responsible, dedicated, twenty-year-old day-care worker. But behind closed doors she’s Baby Ella – a two-year-old toddler who sucks on pacifiers, sleeps in a crib, and wears adult-sized diapers. Kailey is what you’d call an Adult Baby, and her boyfriend also happens to be her ‘Daddy’. It may seem odd to the outside world but Kailie sees Baby Ella as a way to re-capture her youth and to live her life through a child’s eyes.

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