My Kitchen Rules

FOOD TELEVISION – Weekdays from 6 August, 6.30pm

The knives are out as home-cooks battle it out in My Kitchen Rules. It’s plate against plate, as five teams-of-two attempt to out-dine and out-wine each other to see whose kitchen rules. In each episode the cooking teams take turns to transform an ordinary home into an instant restaurant complete with theme and table decorations for a pressure cooker night, working around the clock to deliver a winning dining experience.

7:30pm Sunday, July 29 on TV2

This Sunday, the Kiwis invite their Aussie rivals into the kitchen for a Kiwiana taste sensation in My Kitchen Rules.

For the first time in the show’s history, the Australian contestants and judges cross the ditch and land on Kiwi soil where they await their meals with baited breath.

Will newly engaged couple, Simon Yandall and Meg Dangen make us proud with their uniquely Kiwi three-course meal? The dinner becomes a trans-Tasman war when they put pavlova on the menu!

“We love our cooking, we love our country and we’re going to win this, so watch out Australia!” saysSimon . “The trans-Tasman rivalry is very strong and whenever we see any game against Australia, we really, really want them to lose badly, so that translates to everything we do.”

Meg learnt to cook by helping her mum in the kitchen and it developed further after having children and subsequently meeting Simon.

“When we first met, Simon would cook me something and I’d sit back and think, ‘that’s pretty good but I can do better than that.’ So it went backwards and forwards,” she says.

7:30pm Sunday, July 22 on TV2

There are plenty of surprises in store including our very own Kiwi contenders, when the brand new season of My Kitchen Rules hits TV2 screens three nights a week.

The cross-Tasman rivalry is always intense, and things are sure to heat up when the Kiwis take on the Aussies in the kitchen.

Manu Feildel and Pete Evans return to host and judge this ultimate home-cooking battle, as do guest judges Guy Grossi, Tobie Puttock, Karen Martini and Liz Egan.

It’s plate versus plate as 12 teams-of-two attempt to out-dine and out-wine each other, to see whose kitchen rules.

Each team will take turns to transform an ordinary home into an instant restaurant for one pressure cooker night. They’ll serve up a three course menu designed to impress not only their fellow contestants but the esteemed judges.

Expect lots of twists and turns as the judges tour Australia and for the first time, New Zealand, visiting the instant restaurants of each team.

Tonight, it’s New South Wales’ time to shine, as Greek siblings Steve and Helen prepare their three course menu. There will be thrills and spills as they battle the clock and their nerves to plate up on time.

Will they be able to recover after an oven mishap threatens to derail the show’s first instant restaurant?

Let the battle begin!

My Kitchen Rules co-host Pete Evans has praised the kiwi couple who are taking part in this season of the Aussie cooking series.

Celebrity chef Evans, who shares hosting duties on the series with Manu Feildel, said Auckland couple Simon and Meg’s inclusion created a bit of trans-Tasman rivalry.

“It’s great we’ve got a Kiwi couple in it this year,” Evans said on Good Morning. “They are such a cool couple.”

Evans joked that the pair are under more pressure than the Aussie teams. Continue reading »

MKR renewed

Australian cooking series My Kitchen Rules has already been renewed for a fourth season. The Seven network are currently casting for contestants.

Taylor signs up for pilot

Australian actress Rachael Taylor, who recently featured in the Charlie’s Angels remake, has landed a lead role in a new pilot called 666 Park Avenue. The supernatural drama also features Lost actor Terry O’Quinn.

Cougar Town actor joins pilot

Cougar Town actor Josh Hopkins has signed up for a role in a new pilot called Lady Friends. Hopkins will only be able to join the project if Cougar Town is not renewed for a fourth season.

Pyle joins O’Malley’s new comedy

Glee’s Mike O’Malley has recruited The Artist’s Missi Pyle for his new comedy pilot called Prodigy Bully. O’Malley, who wrote the pilot, will feature in it as well.

Monkees lead singer dies

Davy Jones, lead singer for the made-for-television pop band The Monkees, has died aged 66 after a heart attack.

The teams have been announced for the latest season of cooking series My Kitchen Rules in Australia and this year a New Zealand couple has been invited to compete.

Here’s Channel Seven’s introduction to Aucklanders Simon and Meg, who will fly the flag for NZ on the show:

Representing their home country is an honour for newly engaged couple Simon, 47, and Meg, 34.

“We love our cooking, we love our country and we’re gonna win this, so watch out Australia!” Simon says. “The Trans-Tasman rivalry is very strong and whenever we see any game against Australia, we really, really want them to lose badly so that translates to everything we do.”

The Auckland pair, who have been together for three years, have five children between them from previous relationships. 

Their brood comes together every second week and while that could be a recipe for disaster, they take it in their stride. 

“We’ve got schedules we’ve got to stick to with the kids,” Simon says. “We’ve got full time jobs and we’re running around constantly trying to keep things organised.”

Meg learnt to cook from her mum and it developed further after having children and then meeting Simon.

“When we first met, Simon would cook me something and I’d sit back and think, ‘That’s pretty good but I can do better than that.’ So it went backwards and forwards,” she says.

Simon adds: “I’ve always cooked but in the last two-and-a-half years we’ve got interested in sitting down and creating really nice meals for each other. It’s our way of relaxing. We’ve become quite competitive with each other. We’re always trying to out-do each other with meals.”

Describing themselves as an “average suburban couple,” Meg and Simon believe they have what it takes to win. “We complement each other in the kitchen,” Meg says. “We operate really well as a team rather than working as individuals.”

But Meg admits she can be a bit controlling in the kitchen. 

“I have to know everything that’s going on all the time. Sometimes I don’t let him do something because I think I can do better.”

Simon agrees, adding: “Meg does have a bossy side to her which comes out quite a lot. In the kitchen, she’s terrible. She has to take over.”

Meg, who works a child care director, concedes she is very competitive. “There’s just something in me screaming that we have to win and I have to come first,” she laughs.

Simon adds: “Meg is the most competitive person I’ve ever met in every way. Whether it’s just cooking in the kitchen or out on the sports field, she is always out to win.”

Like their cooking idol, Kiwi chef Annabel Langbein, they love to cook fresh, seasonal produce particularly seafood. 

“We work around fresh produce and protein,” Simon says. “We try and have a fish meal a couple of times a week.”

Meg adds: “We’ve got beautiful seafood; prawns, snapper, scallops, green lip mussels. We’re so lucky in New Zealand, we can get the best, fresh produce easily.”

Simon, a keen fisherman who works as a sales manager, dreams of opening a café by the sea. “We’d serve fresh fish and seafood,” he says. “At the moment, it’s not a reality with the kids. But if we win My Kitchen Rules, it will certainly help us on our way.”

A New Zealand team will feature on the next season of Australian cooking series My Kitchen Rules.

Channel 7 has confirmed that a kiwi-based team of two will take on other amateur cooks from across Australia in the third season of the popular reality series.

The series will premiere in Australia in early 2012.

7:30pm Sunday, September 11 on TV2

Tension is on the boil and looks set to spill over in the semi-finals and final of TV2’s hit reality cooking show, My Kitchen Rules.

Starting on Sunday 11 September at 7.30pm, the competition’s remaining teams must make their best three course meal for judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans, who will be sending one team home at the end of the show.

Then, on Monday 12 September at 7.30pm, another team is eliminated after the second semi-final.

And prepare to be blown away by the excitement of the grand final on Tuesday 13 September at 7.30pm when the competition’s winners will finally be revealed.

7:30pm Sunday, September 4 on TV2

Expect some shocks this week in TV2’s hit reality cooking show, My Kitchen Rules, now on screen three nights a week.

Starting on Sunday 04 September at 7.30pm, teams are tasked with creating a Chinese banquet for some of Chinatown’s top restaurateurs in a 90-minute special. As always, there’s a surprise this episode – but this one will see one team heading home.

Then, on Monday 05 September at 7.30pm, teams are given just 30 minutes to prepare a meal using the Aussie favourite, the prawn, in a showdown episode.

And on Tuesday 06 September at 7.30pm another team gets sent packing in this week’s elimination episode.

Who will still be around for next week’s semi-finals?

Missed an episode of My Kitchen Rules? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the Ondemand link.

7:30pm Sunday, August 28 on TV2

The competition is heating up in TV2’s hit reality show, My Kitchen Rules in the first of this week’s three episodes (Sunday 28 August, at 7.30pm), which sees the remaining seven teams sent to an Alice Springs cattle station in a 90-minute special.

The teams have to make the camper’s classic treat – damper.

Then, on Monday 29 August, at 7.30pm the teams are taken on The Ghan train from Alice Springs to Darwin. Along, the way, they must cook for the guests on the train, in cramped kitchens. The weakest team will be sent to face elimination in tomorrow’s sudden-death cook off.

And on Tuesday 30 August at 7.30pm expect a surprise twist as the night’s elimination episode does not go according to plan.

Missed an episode of My Kitchen Rules? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the Ondemand link.