MyFreeview HD competition

Id love to win the Magic TV pvr and installation not for myself but for my mother.
She is still combatting crappy old analogue reception with an equally old rabbit ear aerial. Even when you get a half good picture on one channel you have to move the aerial every time you change the channel. Even then, there’s more snow in the picture than Mt Cook in a blizzard.
Please give me your vote.

‘Home theatre’ setup consists of an old Samsung 43″ rear projection TV bought from Trademe with bad convergence for $66.  Gave it a tuneup in the service menu and she runs cherry.  Actually accepts a 1080i signal from offbrand FreeviewHD STB (Diginet) purchased from 1-day for $140.  PVR capability via a cast-off 60GB laptop HDD and a USB adapter.  Only one tuner though, so I can only watch a different channel than I’m recording if it’s on the same MUX.  Poor me – would love a dual-tuner PVR so I can record something more interesting than the ’emotionally confused woman doctor’ shows that my wife is interested in.

MyFreeview HD competition – FUZZ FUZZ FUZZ that’s all we get in our apartment.  We just moved to new place hoping they situation would change, but sadly no, still FUZZ FUZZ FUZZ.  Also our DVD player broke in the move, a clumsy lean over the stairs woops, so now we have no source of screen entertainment 🙁  Please help us out, we are sitting and rocking ourselves into comfort slash into an institution.