Natural World

8:30pm Tuesday, September 25 on TV One

TV ONE’s Natural World series continues with a behind-the-scenes look at life deep inside the Indian jungle in Tiger – Spy In The Jungle.

In this unique series, elephants become cameramen by carrying ‘trunk-cams’ into places where no camera has ever been. The incognito elephants capture the lives of the jungle tigers who in return treat them with respect, but show little fear.

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the cameras capture three different stages of a tiger’s life – from playful cubs, to learning adolescents, to young hunting adults. See how the tigers’ relationships with other jungle animals change as they mature.

Filled with humour, as well as incredible action, watch as this dramatic carnivore grows up in an incredibly rich jungle world – made even more entertaining by the involvement of the oversized camera assistants.

8:30pm Tuesday, September 18 on TV One

TV ONE’s Natural World series continues with Bears – Spy In The Woods, an all-access pass to the intimate lives of different species of bears.

An army of camouflaged cameras captures breath-taking views of these engaging creatures, with unprecedented intimacy. Plunge into the water with brown bears as they dive for salmon, swim with polar bears between ice-flows, and track the captivating antics of some incredibly cute cubs.

Meet the real life inspiration behind Paddington Bear – the only bear to ever inhabit South America, discover a new side to the brown bear, and gain an astonishing glimpse into pandas’ private lives – even catching them performing handstands!

This is your invitation to find out how bears from around the world really live.

8:30pm Tuesday, September 11 on TV One

TV ONE’s Natural World brings you a brand new documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough. See how the peninsula of Arabia was transformed from an ocean to the desert it is today, and explore two stunning underwater realms – the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

The Persian Gulf is more famous for sand, oil and war than its ocean. But look a little deeper, and nesting green turtles and dancing terns are revealed, along with huge whale sharks and gangly cormorants.

Lying between Arabia and Africa, the Red Sea’s reefs are prowled by huge moray eels and their shrimp entourages.

Both seas have wonderful characters, but the Persian Gulf has hidden riches, and according to the latest science, may even come to the rescue of the spectacular, but fragile, Red Sea reef.

Splash into the waves that line this desert land and see what other treasures hide within these mysterious and little-studied seas.

8:30pm Tuesday, September 4 on TV One

TV ONE’s Natural World series brings you a brand new documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough, following the first year of a humpback whale calf’s life.

In the Hawaiian Islands, summer sees up to five thousand humpback whales occupy the surrounding waters. A female humpback has been carrying her baby for nearly 12 months, and gives birth in these warm waters. Soon the time arrives for the young female calf to be taken on her first journey – a perilous seven thousand-mile return journey across the Pacific Ocean to the summer feeding grounds in Alaska, and back.

Over the course of the journey, the female calf is separated from her mother by a charging male escort. She is suddenly alone and must now fend for herself, but she’s still a juvenile and the ocean is a scary and dangerous place.

Humpbacks from Fire to Ice captures the short time the calf has to learn how to survive in an underwater world ruled by ruthless predators.

The documentary uses state of the art technology to capture the extraordinary and intimate lives of these secretive animals. Go beneath the waves to see the amazing interactions between the whales and their foes, and see the beautiful scenery of the journey they undertake.