Nazi Hunters

9:45pm Sunday, March 27 on Prime

Documentary Series

Adolf Eichmann

Featuring eight spellbinding missions, Nazi Hunters tells how a select band of secret agents and avengers hunted down some of the most evil men in history… and finally brought them to justice. By 1960, one of the world’s most notorious Nazi war criminals, Adolf Eichmann, is living incognito with his family on the outskirts of Buenos Aires under the alias Ricardo Klement. Known as the architect of Hitler’s ‘final solution’ and directly culpable for the murder of six million Jews, the former Lieutenant Colonel of the SS is now himself a hunted man.

After receiving a tip that Eichmann has been spotted in Argentina, the Israeli secret service dispatches an agent to secretly take his photo. And after confirming his identity, Mossad hatches an elaborate plan to kidnap Eichmann and smuggle him back to Israel to stand trial. Two weeks later, a team of undercover agents arrive in Argentina. They stake out Eichmann and his neighbourhood for days before coming up with a strategy. But capturing him alive is only the first step. Surrounded by Nazi sympathizers, they must somehow get him out of the country. Can they pull off this extraordinary mission?

Prime’s 2011 season launch includes more from their steady accumulation of programming assets that has helped the channel to successive years of 30%+ growth and unlike TV2, there are new local shows on the cards.  You probably won’t be seeing much of that NZ On Air logo at the ends of their credits either.

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