Neighbours From Hell

9:00pm – Thursday, September 29 on FOUR

Revolving around a family from hell – literally, FOUR’s brand new animated series, Neighbors From Hell premieres on Thursday, September 29th at 9pm on FOUR.

The brainchild of South Park writer-producer Pam Brady, Neighbors From Hell follows the misadventures of a family of demons sent from hell to live in Texas.

The family – ineffectual dad, sexy mum, snarky daughter, dopey son and talking dog – must fit in with the locals so dad can hold down a job at an oil company and sabotage a giant drill that threatens to dig all the way to hell.

“A key comic premise to the show is seeing the world through the lens of innocent people,” Brady explains about the series.

“Like in a South Park [episode] it’s the kids who are looking at the world and how screwed up it is. And they’re new to it just because they’re kids so it’s through their eyes.”

“And in this one [Neighbors From Hell] we’re seeing the world though the eyes of demons who you think would be super insane and screwed up, but they’re the moral ones in the show.”

Neighbors from Hell boasts a cast filled with big names, such as Will Sasso, Molly Shannon, Steve Coogan, and Kurtwood Smith. The talented cast members record their parts individually, like Archer, rather than as a group, like The Simpsons.

“Every once in a while there was a scene were Uncle Vlaartark [Kyle McCulloch] and the goblin, Pazuzu [Patton Oswalt], sing together so that was one time where we overlapped them so they could actually be in the room at the same time,” Brady explains.

As well as this, Brady says that the series gets a lot of help from some of its comedy-writing cast members.

“Steve Coogan improvises a lot,” she explains. “You get people like Molly [Shannon] and Kurtwood [Smith] and especially Patton Oswalt, who will come in and he’ll punch up the script.”

“Stand up comedians. They can punch up your work; it makes you look better,” she adds.

Make sure not to miss the results of this when Neighbors From Hell premieres on Thursday, September 29th at 9pm on FOUR.

First it was TV4. Then it was C4. Now it’s just Four. The new look channel from Mediaworks which they say will be a mainstream entertainment channel with a target audience of 18-49 year olds. No news, sport or information, just pure escapism.

The new and returning shows and their trailers are below:

New Shows

Covert Affairs

Life Unexpected

The Good Guys

The Gates

Love Bites


Top Chef: Just Desserts

Models of the Runway


Friends With Benefits

Mixed Signals

Perfect Couples

Neighbours From Hell

Bobs Burgers

The Cape


Returning shows
The Jono Project
Select Live
The Office
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
American Dad
The Cleveland Show
30 Rock
The Biggest Loser
Top Chef
America’s Next Top Model
The Simpsons
How I Met Your Mother
Parks and Recreation

Picks from Four’s new line up would have to be Covert Affairs and Life Unexpected.  There is some pretty good potential with the line up if you’re just looking for something to watch.  The real challenge for Mediaworks is how they’re going to convince people to tune in to the channel over anything else.

What do you think of the line up?