skytv_logoThe FIFA World Cup began this morning and like practically every other sporting event, Sky has the monopoly on it.  Sport is possibly the most compelling reason why anyone would become a Sky subscriber and while a lot of content can be sourced from elsewhere, it is sport that gifts Sky its dominant position.  That is, up until now.

Last week it was reported that there are possibly 30,000 subscribers in New Zealand to the US streaming service Netflix.  While many are happy to pay money to access scripted content from foreign streaming services, there is a belief that the only option for viewing sport is through Sky.  The reality is that just like Netflix, much of the sport content New Zealanders love to watch is also available via reputable and legitimate sources and the method to gain access is identical.

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver covered off Net Neutrality on Sunday’s show and how speed on one US cable network was getting worse and worse until a deal was struck. Now, however, Netflick are choosing to publicly shame ISP’s who aren’t delivering their content to you fast enough.

Netflix has launched a new tool to point out to customers when their broadband providers are failing to deliver enough bandwidth to stream “House of Cards” or “Orange Is the New Black.” Continue reading »


Yesterday afternoon, the Internet Party posted the following tweet:

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netflix-logoHaving to use work arounds to use Netflix might be a thing of the past next year as US studio executives confirm that the US streaming service is negotiating for content rights for this territory.

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netflix-logoIt appears as though some Netflix subscribers in New Zealand have had their access impaired. A number of users took to social media over the weekend to decry the situation.

On Geekzone, 27 pages of comments are dedicated to the subject.

UnblockUS, a VPN service, posted:

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If anyone is still questioning whether online streaming services are the future, take a look at these numbers out of the US.

In Q1 this year, 6.5B hours of content was delivered globally. It has been estimated that that is 103 minutes per day per household subscriber. That’s 1.8B hours per month compared to CBS with 3.3B viewing hours per month followed by ABC at 2.6B, NBC at 2.3B and Fox at 1.9B.

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Apple in talks to launch streaming TV service

Just when you thought there wasn’t enough congestion happening in the TV streaming market, Apple announce they’re talking to US cable operator Comcast about joining forces to deliver the service.  Share prices have react sharply overnight with Netflix falling 9%.  If it eventuates, it’ll mean more options for viewers.

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While it is great news that Netflix has landed exclusive streaming rights for Rhys Darby’s NZ On Air funded comedy Short Poppies, the entire 8 episode season will be available in the US, Canada, U.K. and Ireland before a single episode screens here.

Netflix has landed streaming rights to “Short Poppies,” a mockumentary-style comedy created by and starring New Zealand thesp Rhys Darby (who costarred in HBO’s “Flight of the Conchords”).

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