New Girl

8:00pm – Tuesday, June 12 on FOUR

Friendships are tested after Jess (Zooey Deschanel) discovers that Cece (Hannah Simone) has been keeping a secret from her in this week’s New Girl, screening on Tuesday, June 12 th at 8pm on FOUR. New Girl’s resident ladies man, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) has had his share of no-strings hook-ups, but his most recent conquest – Jess’ best friend Cece – is a little problematic.

Not only is Cece ashamed of being with the awkwardly arrogant Schmidt, but for some reason, she just keeps coming back to him while keeping Jess from finding out about the affair.

“We’ve seen Cece take care of Jess, Jess take care of Cece, they’ve always had each other’s backs. But this is the first time that Cece has kept something from Jess,” Hannah Simone explains about the significance of the episode.

“She feels a little betrayed,” Simone continues. “They really have to deal with it.” “That’s the test of a friendship, when you feel like you’re lied to. So I loved that episode because as the show progresses, you get more and more real stories.”

So just how will Jess react to finding out the truth about her best friend and her roommate? Find out when New Girl continues on Tuesday, June 12 th at 8pm on FOUR.


New Girl

8:00pm – Tuesday, May 1 on FOUR

For its first Valentine’s Day-themed episode, FOUR’s New Girl, screening on Tuesday, May 1 st at 8pm, is getting a hot-blooded addition courtesy of True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten.

“I was very much a fan of the show anyway,” Ryan Kwanten explains about his guest appearance. “So I sort of reached out to them through my agent, and said, ‘Listen, if there was ever an opportunity to ever get on the show, I’d love to be able to work with Zooey [Deschanel]… She is the cutest.”

The episode, titled “Valentine’s Day”, sees Jess (Zooey Deschanel) dealing with her first Valentine’s Day as a single woman by heading to the bar with Schmidt (Max Greenfield) as her wingman.

While there, Jess meets “a handsome stranger” named Oliver, played by Kwanten, and an adorkable hook-up ensues.

“I save her from choking on a cherry,” Kwanten explains. “But he loves talking about food and turns out to be one of the most boring guys she’s ever dated.”

Make sure not to miss this when the True Blood and ex Home and Away actor guest stars in New Girl, continuing it’s hilarious season on Tuesday, May 1 st at 8pm on FOUR.

Delany returning to Desperate Hosuewives

Dana Delany will return to Desperate Housewives for the show’s final ever episode. Delany last appeared as Katherine in the show’s sixth season.

Glee and New Girl renewed

Glee and New Girl have been renewed for new season by the Fox network. Glee will return for a fourth season while New Girl will return for its second. Continue reading »

8:00pm – Tuesday, April 10 on FOUR

Bad news for those fans rooting for Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) to get together – this week sees Nick introducing his new love interest, Julia (Lizzie Caplan, Mean Girls) to the gang when New Girl continues its hilarious season on Tuesday, April 10th at 8pm on FOUR.

“You know, I think with the two characters [Nick and Jess], I think my personal thing is I think the two are attracted to each other, but I don’t think either of them is ready for a relationship as serious as it would probably be,” Jake Johnson explains why he feels Nick and Jess have not gotten together. “Although they notice each other, they’re not ready to jump in. So my character starts dating Lizzy Caplan. She plays a lady named Julia.”

In the episode, entitled “The Story of the 50”, it is being alluded to that this Julia is a woman with a secret, but that doesn’t seem to deter Nick. Perhaps he just needs to get Jess off his mind worse than he thought. “It’s pretty bad,” Johnson explains about the secret. “But you know, it’s Lizzy Caplan. I think you can look past the secret.”

Dating a woman with flaws, though, seems perfectly fitting for a character who is flawed himself. “What I like about Nick is he has all of the potential in the world, and he was going somewhere, but somehow he got off track,” Johnson continues.

But one question remains, is there still hope for Nick and Jess? Find out when New Girl continues on Tuesday, April Tuesday, April 10th at 8pm on FOUR.

8:00pm – Tuesday, March 13 on FOUR

New Girl gets a jump on Holiday-themed television with a Thanksgiving episode that introduces Justin Long (Alvin and the Chipmunks, He’s Just Not That into You) as a recurring love interest for Zooey Deschanel’s Jess. New Girl screens on Tuesday, March 13 th at 8pm on FOUR. This week’s aptly titled “Thanksgiving” marks the first appearance of Justin Long, who plays Paul, “the male Zooey Deschanel”, in a three-episode arc of the hit series. “As soon as he walks in the door, Nick, says, ‘Oh my God there’s two of them,’ which I think sort of describes his character,” New Girl creator Liz Meriwether explains.

“He’s sort of the male version of Jess, and they just immediately sort of hit it off.”

They more than sort of hit it off. Paul is the first romance for Jess since the series premiere, which opened with her walking in on her boyfriend of six years with another woman.

But the real obstacle for the two isn’t Jess’ baggage, it’s her roommates. And Paul’s appearance at their Thanksgiving dinner finds them less protective than annoyed.

“I think they’re excited for her to be in a relationship but a little worried that he’s going to be around all the time,” says Meriwether. “Ultimately they’re pretty supportive of it. I think one line we cut out was like, ‘Maybe he’ll tire her out,’ or something.”

Make sure not to miss Justin Long when he guest stars in New Girl, screening on Tuesday, March 13 th at 8pm on FOUR.

The television channel that grabbed New Zealand’s attention by floating a 40 foot yellow duck in Auckland Harbour last February has celebrated its first year on air with record share results, almost 100,000 facebook followers, and a hit new season of shows.

FOUR was launched by MediaWorks on Waitangi Day 2011, as a pure entertainment channel aimed at 18-49 year-olds – part of a new two-channel strategy that also saw TV3 evolve its target demographic to 25-54 year-olds. 

FOUR was designed to attract a broad audience, and the programming strategy reflected the new channel’s intention to surprise, delight and entertain.  Popular shows like The Simpsons and America’s Next Top Model migrating to FOUR, and new programmes such as The Glee Project premiering on the channel.  The payoff has been exceptional. 

FOUR finished its first year on air with a stellar January performance, growing its share of the 18-49 peak audience by 67% when compared with C4’s performance in January 2010.  The January result caps a very strong quarter – the channel enjoyed 41% year-on-year growth in the 18-49 peak share in the Nov-Jan quarter.

FOUR’s impact on the television landscape as a whole has been significant.  In its first month on air, FOUR overtook Prime in the 18-49 demographic, and is also ahead in 25-54, making it the major player among the smaller free-to-air channels.  Ratings also show FOUR is reaching a broad audience with particular growth in females and families.

FOUR is also leading the way in the social media realm, and is ‘NZ’s most liked TV channel’ with more than 97,000 facebook fans – well over twice the number of followers of any other free-to-air channel.

During the 2011 Rugby World Cup FOUR bucked the trend to rebrand itself as ‘The home of NOT rugby’. The move paid off in both profile and audience – FOUR continued to enjoy year-on-year growth in viewership through the RWC 2011 period   

2012 has seen further investment in FOUR.  Hit sitcom New Girl launched strongly on February 7, after an innovative marketing campaign that included an advance online première of the first episode.  New Girl won a 9.6% share of the 18-49 demographic and a 19.1% share of the Urban Auckland 18-49 demographic. 

It is part of a new season line-up which features the latest series of the channel’s most popular programmes; The Simpsons, Family Guy, America’s Next Top Model , How I Met Your Mother, Misfits, The Biggest Loser, and Survivor.  Also new in 2012 is afternoon entertainment show FOUR Live.  Hosted by Shannon Ryan, FOUR Live is free to air television’s only magazine-style entertainment programme, covering music, fashion, gaming, film, television and more.

Top Programmes

    The Simpsons, America’s Next Top Model and Family Guy were the top-rated series of FOUR’s first year on air.  In 2012, New Girl looks set to become one of the channel’s top programmes.

    FOUR’s movies are part of the channel’s DNA with classic and family movie nights often as popular as blockbuster features. 

    FOUR Kids. The channel’s daytime programming, which features Sesame Street, and Sticky TV is a strong off-peak performer.

8:00pm – Tuesday, February 7 on FOUR

This week sees the premiere of the highly anticipated Zooey Deschanel comedy series, New Girl, screening on Tuesday, February 7th at 8pm on FOUR.

New Girl stars Deschanel as Jess, a hopeful young woman who moves in with three male roommates after discovering that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

Deschanel says that she is happy to take on a more cheerful role after playing aloof characters in films like 500 Days of Summer and Our Idiot Brother.

“She’s different from me in some ways, there’s a part of myself that really is her: 13-year-old me was very much Jess – optimistic, excited all the time. A lot of these things that Jess is, I feel like are at my core,” Deschanel explains.

“I made a career being cast as smart aleck-type characters, but I’m not sarcastic at all. I’m not ironic. I’m very sincere, generally. So this role played into a part of myself that I hadn’t been using on the screen.”

Make sure not to miss your first introduction to Deschanel’s Jess and her three new roommates when New Girl premieres on Tuesday, February 7th at 8pm on FOUR.

MediaWorks is premiering full episodes of two of the biggest television shows of the 2012 season online, ahead of their television broadcasts next month.

Top-rating Zooey Deschenal sitcom New Girl, which is set to screen on FOUR from Tuesday 7 February, is available to watch online from today at 

The multi-Golden Globe winning Homeland, one of the most anticipated dramas of the year, will be available to watch at from 9am, Thursday 2 February, ahead of its TV3 debut. 

Each episode will be available online for a week, and the special advance screenings are only for the season premieres.

The initiative is a first for the broadcasting company, which has a stable of television, radio and online assets, including a well-patronised ‘on demand’ catch-up television service.

Director of Programming, Kelly Martin, says that she’s looking forward to seeing how New Zealanders respond to the online previews for New Girl and Homeland.  

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to launch our big new shows,” Martin says.

“This is a first for us, and quite possibly a first for New Zealand television.  I’m genuinely curious to see how the audience reacts.”

Non-traditional approaches to television promotion have paid big dividends internationally.  When Fox made episode one of New Girl widely available ahead of the US season launch, two million people watched the show online, and the word-of-mouth translated into ratings success, with a debut television audience of more than 10 million viewers.

Homeland and New Girl are part of a stellar line-up of new season programming which is rolling out on TV3 and FOUR from Sunday 5 February.  

New season Jersey Shore trailer

The season five trailer for Jersey Shore has been released this week.

Filming on 24 movie to begin in April

Filming will begin on the 24 movie in early 2012 it has been announced. The big-screen adaptation will begin production in April to coincide with the availability of Kiefer Sutherland.

Chewbacca to feature on Glee

Chewbacca will make an appearance on an upcoming episode of Glee, it has been revealed. The Star Wars character will feature in the show’s Christmas episode in the dream of one of the characters.

Kwanten to guest on New Girl

True Blood actor Ryan Kwanten will make a guest appearance in new season sitcom New Girl. The Australian actor will feature in the Valentine’s Day episode.

Following on from the TV3 New Season launch is the list of new and returning shows on Four.

It’s all about finding a new place to live first up with James van der Beek’s return to television playing himself in the new show Apartment 23.  

New Girl is another quirky room-mate based show that’s quite entertaining.


One comedy that has been slated is Whitney.

Finally, Sarah Michelle Gellar returns with her new series The Ringer.

New Shows:
Apartment 23
New Girl
The Ringer 

30 Rock
American Dad
America’s Next Top Model
Beauty and the Geek Australia
Family Guy
How I Met Your Mother
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
South Park
The Biggest Loser
The Cleveland Show
The Simpsons 
Top Chef
Wipeout Australia