New Zealand Idol

Anyone who was a fan of New Zealand Idol (and probably many who weren’t) will know what this means and it’s not good news.

The question is, will we get to see this close to live or will the thrill of watching it unfold be ruined by months of broadcast delay?


We’ve tried to to make kiwi reality TV, we’ve gave it our best shot, but was it worth the ride? Depends on how you look at it. I think we don’t have the skills, or the brains to do so. We are not there with the Americans or the British, (a.k.a, Poms).

For example, let’s look at NZ Idol. At the time when it was coming out, lots of people got excited, because we’d saw the American and Australian version. But when they made the kiwi version, did it had the same effect? Was it as nearly as good? No. Because A: it was cheap, B: there was hardly anyone good enough to become a pop star, and C: it had average ratings. Not to mention the people who won disappeared and became a laughing stock. Ben Lumis and Rosita Vai brought out one album each. As for Matt Sonnua, he just put out a single. Blow that for a joke.

It might as well not have been made at all. Because all it did was put them down. It’s a kind of sad story.

What about Dancing With The Stars. Slightly happier story. It was a fun show to watch. (I just liked it because Jason Gunn hosted it.) But it got axed because TVNZ didn’t have the money to make it anymore. A perfectly good excuse. But on the same token, it could’ve lasted one more season. (Just an opinion.)

So, then came Stars In Their Eyes. Ahhhh yes. Weird weird story. It had so much potential. Only lasted two seasons. I’ve only seen clips off YouTube, so I can’t say much. I moved to Australia just before it was on.

Last but not least come New Zealand’s Got Talent. Again, I can’t say much because I moved to Oz, but I’ve seen clips on YouTube, but to be honest, I didn’t like it that much. I kind of envied it. I wasn’t happy that it was on Prime, because I didn’t think it would get enough ratings. But it did alright I guess.

Again, this is just my opinion, not everybody has the same point of view. So please share your opinion.

Have a fantastic day.