New Zealand’s Got Talent

Last week I said I thought it should be Mayo and Renee Maurice through to the Grand Final but added that the actual result would be Renee Maurice and the Diamond Divas.

Renee Maurice received the most votes and goes straight through.  Rachel Hunter gives her vote to Mayo, Cris Judd betrays his fellow dancer and votes for the Diamond Divas leaving it up to Jason Kerrison.  He surprisingly gives his vote to Mayo who is shocked by the decision.  The Diamond Divas promise they’ll be staying around so Karaoke bars everywhere will be happy.

Despite what Tamati says, One Direction won’t be stepping aside any time soon for this weeks first act MDM.  As they were with their audition, they are incredibly pitchy and full of the cheese factor.  Amateur hour has begun. Continue reading »

mary-wilson-cat-charmerFrom time to time, contestants who have chosen to audition for a reality TV show take exception to how they are portrayed and commented on.

During the second round of auditions for New Zealand’s Got Talent we heard about 5 seconds of audition from one Mary Wilson.  It was horrible.   It was so bad that I tried to block it out and barely even bothered to describe just how painful it was to listen to.  Instead, all I wrote was:

Mary Wilson is finally x’ed out after singing for far too long.

I’ve written much worse.  Mary Wilson, however, is upset and writes in to request a retraction as well as sending a charming photo for us to use. Continue reading »

Tonight the public get to finally have some input on New Zealand’s Got Talent with the first six acts performing for our vote.

First up tonight are the 50/50 Dance Crew.  Unfortunately for this show, making it into the semi finals only really means you had a really good audition.  This means that acts that are only one hit wonders don’t get filtered out.  They were entertaining the first time but there wasn’t anything that special about their second performance on the show.

Cris thought their performance was basically the same as last time and didn’t think they were that tight.  Rachel thought they technically needed to be more precise but she enjoyed it and thought it was entertaining.  Jason agreed it was similar to their audition but thought it was cool and fun.

Here’s the voting information.

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What are the voting numbers for New Zealand’s Got Talent?

The voting details for the grand final are:



TXT  to 8981

TXT   to 8981

TXT  TRIO to 8981

Text votes cost 99 cents each including GST. For voting via the iPhone app votes cost up to 99 cents each including GST.


Which is your favourite NZGT act from the first week of Semi Finals?

Which is your favourite New Zealand's Got Talent week one semi finalist?

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The fate of the New Zealand’s Got Talent performers is in the hands of the public, starting from Sunday night at 7.30pm on TV ONE. The first six Semi-Finalists are ready to take the stage with a new act, and there’s plenty of time to vote for your favourites, with voting lines staying open until midnight on Monday.

The judges are ready to be tougher with their critiques at this stage of the competition, and they want to see that their Top 30 acts have made progress since their auditions. Cris Judd says; “Will I use my buzzer in the semi-finals?  If I see an act that hasn’t stepped up the game a little bit, absolutely I’m going to use my buzzer! We want to be entertained, right?”
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New_Zealands_Got_Talent_logoRenee Maurice does what she couldn’t do in The X Factor New Zealand and makes it through to the next round where the public will get to decide her fate.  The producers are touting her as Wellington’s answer to Whitney Houston.

The bollywood act 50/50 Dance Crew should be entertaining but won’t win as they don’t sing.

The unicycling duo of Christian & Mike will bring the variety to the show but won’t make it much further.

Frankie Stevens will be proud of his daughter who has made the cut with her duo Diamond Divas

The mini nunchuck man Ravi Narayan will no doubt entertain.

Finally, it’s Mayo who we saw during this weeks final round of auditions.

Which is your favourite New Zealand's Got Talent week one semi finalist?

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New_Zealands_Got_Talent_logoThank goodness.  Only one more episode of appallingly bad judging decisions that undermine actual talent.  Surprisingly, tonight’s show is full of some very talented people.

First up tonight is Pukekohe lad Seantum Rapana AKA Mayo who is doing hip hop.  Or that facial expressions.  Or perhaps he’s an extortionist contortionist.  He’s very entertaining to watch.  Cris thinks he’s one of the top dancers they’ve seen.  I’d agree.  Jason says he’s never seen anything like that before.  Someone should introduce him to a little website called YouTube. Easily three yeses.   Continue reading »

Jason Kerrison has been getting some dance lessons from Cris Judd and the producers have decided to show up the New Zealand talent by having him on stage dancing next to his fellow judge and superstar choreographer.  It’s embarrassing.  Will we get to hear Cris and Jason sing a duet next?

With the shenanigans out of the way, Tamati Coffey mocks Nelson’s street culture and introduces hip hop group Origin Dance Crew.  They’ve spent far to much time plastering their faces with make up but thankfully not as much time as they have perfecting their craft.  They are high energy and a very polished group of girls who are enjoyable to watch.  They do have beautiful hair.  They’re given the judges tick of approval.

Tyrae and Paige are an 11 and 10 year old rock’n’roll dance duo who aren’t that great but they’re fun, cute and totally enjoying themselves.  The judges once again embrace dishonesty and put them through. Continue reading »

After the dismal start to the 2013 season of New Zealand’s Got Talent that saw ratings fall by 37% for the season premiere, the singing competition disguised as a variety show has returned to the top of the ratings but not to the spectacular levels of 2012.

The average audience for the first 3 episodes was around 691,000 viewers, a drop off of 25% compared to the same period last year.

NZGT-S02-E03-ratings Continue reading »