New Zealand’s Got Talent

In 2012, New Zealand’s Got Talent was the highest rating show of the year.  It debuted with an average audience of 934,820 viewers and the following week, increased their numbers to 974,930.  The average audience across the entire series was a staggering 839,209 viewers so it was little wonder that TVNZ have been pimping it hard to advertisers on the back of that success.

It will, however, be of great concern to the state broadcaster that after talking it up and taking another $800,000 in tax payer funding that the series has debuted so poorly.

While it dominated the ratings last year, being the most watched show of the night and the week, the third season of the singing contest disguised as a variety show didn’t even come in at number two. Or number three.  NZGT came in in fourth place with an average audience of 589,330 viewers, a massive plunge of 37% on last year and only marginally higher than the season finale of TV3’s The X Factor New Zealand.

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nzgt2013New Zealand’s Got Talent, the singing competition disguised as a talent show returns tonight with a new judge, Cris Judd, joining Rachel Hunter and Jason Kerrison and host Tamiti Coffey.

$100,000 and a car are up for grabs.

First up is magician Michael Hempseed.  He failed on Britain’s Got Talent and now he’s failed here.  Mainly because he’s not a magician.  Singing the names of every country in the world is hardly a magic trick. Continue reading »


The X Factor New Zealand came to an end last night with Jackie Thomas being crowned the winner.  I had expected (hoped) that the series would deliver an average audience of at least 500,000 viewers per episode but it wasn’t until last night’s grand finale decider that that threshold was crossed.

The average audience for last night was 560,000 viewers, the highest it had been all season.  Only week earlier, the show had slumped to its lowest rating, dipping below 300,000 to an average audience of 281,440.  This was partly due to TV2’s Shortland Street feature.

Overall, the season has averaged 403,447 viewers per episode.

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nzgt-2013The New Zealand’s Got Talent audition round in front of the judges begins this week in Dunedin, on the 25th and 26th of July in Auckland and on the 10th and 11th of August in Wellington.

Tickets are still available if you’d like to go.

New_Zealands_Got_Talent_logoDespite the fact that it’s only half of the $1.5m they got last year, NZ On Air has committed funding to the new series of New Zealand’s Got Talent.  I, for one, am not convinced this was necessary at all based on the massive ratings they had in 2012.

NZ On Air has confirmed support for a second series of the popular New Zealand’s Got Talent for TV One.

The funding agency notes that the first series provided an opportunity to showcase an excellent cross-section of talented New Zealanders from across the country. It attracted a highly engaged audience. Continue reading »

NZTalentTamatiCoffeyTamati Coffey will return to New Zealand this year to resume his role as host of New Zealand’s Got Talent.

After a six-month sabbatical spent travelling through the UK, Middle East, Europe and South America, Coffey will re-join Rachel Hunter, Jason Kerrison and incoming judge Cris Judd on the TV one show for season two.


He says returning to New Zealand to rejoin the show is an exciting and slightly daunting prospect.

“Last year New Zealand’s Got Talent was a smash hit,” says Coffey. Continue reading »

Some may argue that it’s an unfair comparison but let’s look at the numbers for TV3’s The X Factor compared to TV One’s New Zealand’s Got Talent.

NZGT, which began in September, dominated Sunday nights for the 13 weeks it was on and was the highest rating show of 2012.  The average audience for the series was 839,209 viewers per episode.  However, the difference between the highest and lowest rating episodes was more than 270,000 viewers.

The X Factor has been averaging just over 400,000 viewers per episode, less than half of what NZGT managed.

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rachel-hunter-nzgt-2013On Wednesday we wondered if TVNZ was about to announce Rachel Hunter’s return to the New Zealand’s Got Talent  judging panel.  Today, those questions have been answered.

Rachel Hunter has been named as the third judge for New Zealand’s Got Talent 2013, coming soon to TV ONE.

The international supermodel will join Op Shop frontman Jason Kerrison and choreographer and creative director Cris Judd in the three-person judging panel when filming for the number one New Zealand entertainment show starts in July. Continue reading »

TVNZ’s Breakfast confirmed this morning that Rachel Hunter is due to appear on the show on Monday with an announcement.

Does this suggest that she will be announcing a return to New Zealand’s Got Talent for its second season this year?

Is this a good thing?