Yesterday afternoon, Mediaworks released a report which talked up what they perceived to be their ratings successes of the past week. Most people saw it for what it was but TVNZ’s Graeme Muir, Editor of Content, made this comment:

This is a bit like putting out a release that we’re nailing it in Household Shoppers with One Dog and Three Kids over 65. I’m pretty sure last time I checked 18-39 was TV2’s commercial demo, not TV3’s. But let’s entertain them for a minute about ‘double the audience’, with the rider that overnights never tell you very much. (If
they did, how can they explain away their Friday audience, which was a third down on their winning Thursday? You can see how meaningless the exercise is). Continue reading »

TV One’s Tonight set a new record high last week against its rival on TV3 since the two programs went head to head with the average audience rising 24% on the previous week to 153,044 viewers per night.

At the same time, it was a dead cat bounce for Newsworthy, up 26% on the previous week’s record low to an average audience of only 42,044 viewers per night.

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It’s not often you get to witness a new program’s ratings decline as quickly as Newsworthy has and after last week it must surely be a matter of time before TV3 dumps it for a standard news bulletin.

The 33% drop in the average audience last week to 33,300 viewers per night will be of great concern at Flower Street, especially considering Thursday’s ratings were less than half that.

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There was a silver lining for Newsworthy last week with a 3% rise in their average audience to 49,238 viewers per night but last Monday saw the late night news program hit an all-time new low, barely scratching past 20,000 viewers.

The average audience of 21,920 viewers was less than the number of viewers TV One’s Tonight program had on its plus one broadcast.

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Newsworthy has slumped to its worst rating week with an 18% fall in its average audience to just 47,274 viewers per night for the late night news program. This equates to losing more than half of the audience The Paul Henry Show was getting the same time a year ago.

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After its lowest week so far, Newsworthy remained below the 60,000 viewer mark with an average audience of 57,828 viewers per night. This was only marginally higher the previous week’s low of 57,284.

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TV3’s late night news program, Newsworthy, was down 4% on the previous week to an average audience of 66,360 viewers per night, a number that was dragged down by Wednesday’s show that delivered one of the worst ratings of the series.

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TV3’s late night news program Newsworthy drew an average audience of 68,958 viewers per night last week, an increase of 11% on the previous week. Despite the increase, the show’s predecessor, Paul Henry, delivered Mediaworks a higher average audience at the other end of the day for the first time.

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TV3’s late night news program has slumped to it’s second lowest week since launching with an average audience of 62,296 viewers per night.

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Newsworthy enjoyed a 17% increase on the previous week with an average audience of 74,248 viewers per night, the highest the show has had since it launched five weeks ago.

This was thanks to Thursday night which saw a new record with an average audience of 115,550 viewers.

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