Nigella Express

FOOD TELEVISION – Wednesdays from 21 July, 7.30pm

The domestic goddess is back and she’s cooking more delectable food in record time! Featuring fabulous fast food and incredible short cuts, Nigella Express shows viewers how to inject classic elegance into any meal. With time-saving tips and must-have pantry items, Nigella will help you make the most out of a busy schedule and shows how quickly and easily you can cook up a storm that is sure to impress the entire household!

Saturday 5 July, 5.30pm

Britain’s saucy domestic goddess Nigella Lawson is turning her hand to fast food in a new series, Nigella Express, starting today at 5.30pm on TV ONE.

Everyone knows the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet, but who’s got time these days to spend hours in the kitchen preparing healthy and delicious meals for the family?
“Dinner, just the thought of it in the middle of the working week used to make me tense and tetchy – at the end of a long day it really can push you over the edge,” says Nigella. “But if you like eating, your stomach and taste buds don’t have to suffer just because time is short.”

Nigella herself is a busy cook, writer, mother and wife and Nigella Express is her solution to eating well in a time crunch. This series features the sort of food you can cook fast around the clock, weekdays and weekends too, in every situation. You’ll hit the kitchen running with these great recipe ideas and shortcuts.

There are also some great tips on how to keep your store cupboard stocked and freezer and fridge stacked, so when time is precious you simply make your life easier by being prepared.

The themes across the series range from Razzle Dazzle, which includes recipes with wow factor when you haven’t got time to slave over a hot stove, to Hey Presto – (quick Italian recipes) and Rapid Retro, which takes a timesaving approach to much-loved classics.

Some of the mouth-watering recipes that feature in the series include: homemade instant pancake mix; spicy scrambled eggs; rapid ragu; noodle soup for needy people; lamb, olive and caramelised onion tangine; and margarita ice cream.