It’s not often you get to witness a new program’s ratings decline as quickly as Newsworthy has and after last week it must surely be a matter of time before TV3 dumps it for a standard news bulletin.

The 33% drop in the average audience last week to 33,300 viewers per night will be of great concern at Flower Street, especially considering Thursday’s ratings were less than half that.

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If it wasn’t for Friday night, The Paul Henry Show would have suffered much more than a 7% drop on the previous weeks lowest rating week of this year. With an average audience of 68,358 viewers per night, viewers appear to be giving up on the late night news and current affairs program.

TV One’s Tonight suffered a 20% drop in numbers on the previous week with an average audience of 92,990 viewers tuning in per night.

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Despite having one of his most memorable moments this last week as Jesse Peach was coaxed into interrupting TV One’s live cross on Tonight, The Paul Henry Show had their average audience fall to 76,565 viewers per night, the second lowest the show has had since its inception.

This 12% fall delivered a much smaller audience for TV3 than Tonight which lifted its average audience by 3% to 118,256 viewers per night.

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After it was announced that The Paul Henry Show would be vacating its late night news and current affairs timeslot so Mr Henry could take up a role in breakfast television (and radio), there was no real change to the average audience. Up by an even smaller percent than Seven Sharp this week, 84,994 viewers per night tuned in.

Tonight was up 8%, however, with an average audience of 103,576.

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3-newsThe news of Paul Henry returning to breakfast TV leaves us wondering what direction TV3 will take their late news next year. All that has been confirmed is that there will still be a late-night show.

Presumably they they will bring back a refreshed Nightline which TV3 have said would sit in reserve for future years.

Whether or not they stick with the current format of The Paul Henry Show, could Ali Mau or Mike Puru be a possibility? Both have filled in for Paul during the year. Or perhaps they’ll keep Janika ter Allen in the late night slot to present the news solo. We probably can’t rule out Sacha McNeil getting the job again either, especially with the new show replacing Firstline.

And what does this mean for Marcus Lush who currently hosts RadioLIVE’s breakfast show? Maybe this will see him move back to TV (Newsnight, anyone?)

Paul Henry was big news on twitter yesterday with many I’m sure wondering the same as this guy:

sit in reserve for future years

There was a slight rise of 2% for The Paul Henry Show last week with the average audience lifting to 84,476 viewers per night.

TV One’s Tonight dropped a staggering 25% on the week earlier to end with an average audience of 95,848.

Both programs appear to struggle with consistent ratings where the time slot differs to the usual 10:30pm start time.

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The inconsistent start times really seem to be plaguing The Paul Henry Show with another 5% drop this week with the average audience per night falling to 82,664 viewers.

While TV3 are struggling, TV One have once again lifted their average audience for Tonight by 20% to 128,312 viewers per night.

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Paul Henry was on vacation again last week and it looks like his viewers were too. TV3’s late night news and current affair program The Paul Henry Show, lost a quarter of the previous week’s average audience to 87,416 viewers per night. Only Thursday managed to deliver more than 100,000 viewers.

Well ahead was TV One’s Tonight, despite falling 16% to an average audience of 106,720 viewers per night.

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A 12% increase in the average audience saw The Paul Henry Show rise to 116,022 viewers per night last week for TV3’s last night news and current affairs program. Of the five nights, there was only one that dipped below 100,000 viewers.

TV One’s Tonight rebounded from the previous weeks loss with the average audience up 21% to 127,800 viewers per night.

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The Paul Henry Show enjoyed a 40% boost in ratings the week to an average audience of 103,334 viewers per night, helped mostly in pare to the record 192,340 viewers the show had after the leader’s debate on Wednesday. The inconsistent start times appear to have played a major role in the declining ratings in recent weeks as the start time for the late night news and current affairs program began well after its usual 10:30pm slot.

Tonight suffered a 17% fall with Thursday delivering the lowest rating episode TV One’s late night news show has had all year, resulting in an average audience of 104,968 viewers per night, only slightly higher than TPHS.

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