No Opportunity Wasted

This week on No Opportunity Wasted, host Phil Keoghan and three challengers are desperate to create something positive in a Kiwi town which has become synonymous with negative headlines.

Sunday, December 17, 6.00pm, TV2

Desiree, Billy and Richard all have a deep affection for Tokoroa, and have been granted 72 hours for a once-in-a-lifetime challenge to do something for the youth of Tokoroa by transforming an empty site into a magnificent youth park.

“I love Toke,” says Desiree Ryan, a passionate young lawyer who works in Hamilton. Desiree is saddened by the hits the town has recently taken, but is still deeply proud of the place she grew up in. A university graduate and winner of scholarships and awards, Desiree applied to No Opportunity Wasted to give something back to her community, so local youth can share the same opportunities she had.

Joining Desiree are Billy Maea and Richard Gaby. Born and bred in Tokoroa, Billy is the project manager of Te Vaka Village, a local Pacific Island business initiative drawing on Tokoroa’s rich Polynesian community, and is passionately involved in the community, leading Pacific Island dance groups on national and overseas tours.

Manager of the local swimming pool in Tokoroa, Richard Gaby is one of the town’s great characters. An irrepressibly energetic larrikin, with a bag of pineapple lumps always close at hand, Richard is respected by everyone in the community – young and old alike.

These three have just 72 hours to give the young people of Tokoroa their ‘field of dreams’, complete with flying fox, performance stage (for kapa haka, hip hop to community events and movies), pou (Maori totem poles), graffiti wall, volleyball court, BBQ area and playground.

They’ll be the forepersons of their No Opportunity Wasted challenge: rallying support, harnessing construction and design expertise, working massive earth moving equipment under huge lights day and night, desperately fundraising, co-ordinating volunteers, feeding masses of people, keeping energy levels high on little sleep, confronting hurdles and time pressure… and rousing the spirit of a unique New Zealand small town.

All the while they’ll prepare for a concert party – featuring a Shortland Street MC, local acts, and New Zealand hip hop stars Nesian Mystik – to give the park the launch it deserves. These No Opportunity Wasted challengers have the chance to give the town an extreme makeover, change the headlines, and put the zeal back into the kids of Tokoroa’s lives.

No Opportunity Wasted screens at 6.00pm on Sunday, December 17.

No Opportunity Wasted (N.O.W) the hugely hyped by TV2 show hosted by emmy winner Phil Keoghan has been replaced by Greys Anatmoy re-runs & the N.O.W webpage now says the show will screen 6.00 P.M sundays. Which means the show has been a ratings failure & Greys Annatomy re-runs has came to the rescue to bring back numbers in that time slot.

In tonight’s episode of No Opportunity Wasted, Phil Keoghan brings together 10 Kiwis for a 72-hour fun and fearless Kiwiana car rally.

The Kiwiana Car Rally brings 10 complete strangers together in a 72-hour journey from Taupo to Hokitika. Based on international car rally rules, these unlikely challengers are paired up in five Skodas, picking up clues, as they as they race south on State Highway 1.

With the clock ticking they must complete distinctly Kiwi challenges along the way (chuck a gumboot in Taihape, chase sheep in the Canterbury high country, convert a goal at Westpac Trust Stadium, hunt for the elusive Moa in Arthur’s Pass); search for Kiwiana kitsch (teaspoons, T-shirts and stuffed Kiwis), and consume local delicacies (raw paua, cray from Kaikoura, trout from Turangi). Slower teams will be left behind as they make their way south in the Skodas towards a constitution-testing wild food eat-off on the West Coast.

The participants on tonight’s show include a 40-year-old priest from Hamilton, a 29-year-old blonde model from Auckland, a 30-year-old hippy from Nelson and a 40-year-old Tongan factory worker from South Auckland.

Mixing Goodbye Porkpie, with the great NZ road trip and a traditional Rally, 10 unlikely strangers will celebrate the pure for-the-hell-of-it Kiwi spirit.

No Opportunity Wasted, TV2, Sunday nights at 7.30pm.

I was quite disappointed at the first episode of this show. I mean, it was a nice program about some people conquering their fears.. but this is Phil Keoghan from the Amazing Race! I really thought he could have come up with something a tad more interesting, at least for the first episode shown on TV.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed. While it was nice.. it could have been a lot better.

So, will the rest of the series get better? I certainly hope so, because right now I’m not planning on watching it again unless I’m incredibly bored.

The show is about living each day as if it’s your last.

On tonight’s episode 3 people terrified of sharks get the chance to face their fear and dive in shark-infested waters in Fiji.

Chrissy Pritchard, 32 years old, is obsessed about being attacked by a shark and it’s stopping her going into the sea. A car accident left her with a brain clot so she can’t dive but will snorkel instead. She has a fear of what’s under the water.

Jenny McDowell a University student from Dunedin, was once attacked by a shark and, obviously has a fear of them. When Jenny was 13, she went swimming in Invercargill and got attacked by a shark. She needed 60 stitches in her arm and several surgeries. She hasn’t been swimming since.

Paul Morris, dad of three, was hunted for 45 minutes by a great white shark once while kayaking and has a fear of sharks since. Paul says in January 2005 he was at the beach in Northland. He went out kayaking to fish. He saw a shark turn around and the great white rammed his kayak again and again. Paul rode as fast as he could back to shore. Since then, Paul’s developed a stutter. Read his story in full here »

Over the next 72 hours they have different time targets before jumping into the ocean with dozens of wild sharks.

The first time target is going diving in 24 hours is doing an open water dive. They head along to Dive HQ in Auckland first for a swim in the pool. Professional psychologist Dr John Aitken (Kelly Swanson-Roe’s partner) comes in to talk with them.

After they arrive in Fiji, they’re all pretty fearful. They’re in a boat watching the sharks being fed little fish.

All three will face their demons up close. Phil encourages them and after many attempts, they get into the water with Phil and go down diving and get some training.

The trio head to one of the Fijian islands to meet some locals and a feast. It’s dark when they head back by boat and discover their next time target is to go for a night swim. Eventually, the three get in for a swim. (Hehe Paul jokes at how white Phil looks in the water.)

The final step: diving into the water with sharks. They all complete the challenge (and there’s tonnes of sharks) and are estatic.

Next week: three strangers go bungy jumping.

NZ Herald has an interview up with Phil Keoghan who hosts The Amazing Race and shortly the new show, “No Opportunity Wasted” which is about getting people to face their fears.

He admits he’s badly claustrophobic and went diving in deep underground caves in Mexico to face his fear.

“When I talk about face your fear, I don’t mean conquer it necessarily, just face it. fear] serves as a metaphor for how you live the rest of your life, meaning other fears in your life seem more manageable because taking yourself to your ultimate fear means: So, I’ve been to here so here’s ok.”

Read more »

Phil Keoghan, four times Emmy Award winner, is set to launch his No Opportunity Wasted television series in New Zealand.

The show will screen 7.30, Sunday’s on TV2, following NZ Idol.

Six episodes have been shot in various international and local locations. For Phil it is his long awaited return to New Zealand television after hitting it big in the USA as host of The Amazing Race.

Yet another kiwi reality tv show has had someone injured. Steve Westlake, the Trans-Atlantic rowing champion, narrowly escaped a serious spinal injury while filming No Opportunity Wasted (aka NOW) – a new reality TV show which will be on TV2 later this year.

Apparently Steve’s neck was injured (possibly fractured) after being spear-tackled by four rugby league players but he has since recovered .

The show is hosted and directed by Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race), produced by Andrew Shaw, and you can read about the episodes here.