Not Quite Art

ARTS CHANNEL – Thursday 7 May, 8.00pm

The art show that believes there is life outside the galleries. Host Marcus Westbury, founder of the This is Not Art Festival in Newcastle and the former director of Next Wave Festival in Melbourne, takes on a tour of how the art world looks from the other side. An insightful and humourous journey through an increasingly fragmented cultural landscape – where the Internet and communications have given us a set of cultural choices and influences unimaginable even a decade ago. Presenter and writer Marcus Westbury has unearthed an eclectic and amusing mix of artists, writers, critics and musicians whose work has found their audiences – often in the millions – through networks well outside the traditional ideas of where “Australian culture” lives. Not Quite Art traces how culture is shifting from the hierarchical, local and parochial structures to a global and networked world where Australian artists have audiences around the world, yet often remain relatively unknown in their local community.