Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie renewed

Edie Falco’s Nurse Jackie has been renewed for a seventh season prior to the dark comedy’s sixth season premiere.

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9:30pm – Monday, November 19 on TV 3

Last week’s Nurse Jackie season five premiere saw the introduction to both Mike Cruz and Charlie, but did you know the two are actually played by father and son – Bobby and Jake Cannavale? Nurse Jackie continues its latest season on Monday, November 19 th at 9:30pm on 3.

“You never actually expect to ever work with your kid, and I love being around him, so it was just another facet of our relationship,” Bobby Cannavale explains about working with Jake. “We got to experience another great bonding moment. It was really kismet. Edie [Falco] loved him, and he had most of his scenes with Edie,” Cannavale continues.

“For my money, Edie is one of the best actresses we have, period, and she fell in love with him, and he was lucky to have her like him as much as she did.”

Nurse Jackie sees Falco portraying a prescription drug-addicted nurse, the actress recently revealed how her own experience with drug addiction helped her understand Jackie.

“If you aren’t an addict, chances are you don’t really understand the part of an addict that continues behaving that way,” she says.

“You can see how awful it is and the awful things it does to their lives and the people they love. And you think, why would they continue? If you’re an addict you understand completely – because you have to.”

So what’s next for Jackie then? Find out when Nurse Jackie screens Monday, November 19 th at 9:30pm on 3.

9:30pm – Monday, November 12 on TV 3

After giving her husband the boot, Jackie (Edie Falco) finally confronts her pill-popping addictions in the season four premiere of Nurse Jackie, returning to our screens on Monday, November 12 th at 9:30pm on 3. The series’ latest season sees Jackie confronting her problems, and entering rehab in order to treat her drug habit.

“She has a very hard time relating to other people in rehab – she just doesn’t,” show-runner, Liz Brixius explains.

While Jackie may not bond with most of the treatment’s patients, she will however strike up a friendship with Charlie (Jake Cannavale), a green-haired teenager who calls em’ how he sees em’.

“He calls her out on her behaviour [during group therapy] and for the first time ever, we find out when Jackie started abusing drugs,” Brixius continues.

This is part of the season’s larger story, which will see Jackie confronting her demons, and finally facing the consequences of her actions.

Make sure not to miss all this when Nurse Jackie returns for its unmissable fourth season on Monday, November 12 th at 9:30pm on 3.

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Nurse Jackie given fifth season

Nurse Jackie has been renewed for a fifth season with filming to begin in late 2012. The fourth season is just about to finish screening in the US.

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