NZ Idol

With only three weeks to go, TV3 will be desperately hoping that the final weeks bring that traditional lift that has been missing and craved for the entire season. Last night’s average audience was only 283,890 viewers which should have been spectacularly higher thanks to the stunning ratings that Campbell Live delivered last night.

The X Factor lost almost a third of its lead in last night from Campbell Live after they’d delivered a 20% growth on the 3 News audience. The rest of the night went downhill from there.

MKR-X-FACTOR-NZ-BACHELOR-w12a Continue reading »

The New Zealand Woman’s Weekly has a story this week about former New Zealand Idol 2 runner up, Nik Carlson, who is now living life as a woman. Continue reading »

It was the 10 year anniversary yesterday of the crowning of Ben Lummis as the first NZ Idol. Ahh.. memories…

Here’s a clip of Rachel and I on TV2’s Flipside a little while after the show which tells a bit of the story as to how Throng came to be…

nz-idolAlmost ten years ago, the auditions for the very first season of New Zealand Idol took place.  It was momentous for a number of reasons, but mainly because it launched a number of projects for us, including Throng.  In the last couple of days, an old post from 2007 has been resurrected by someone wanting a fourth season.  Apparently there was a Facebook campaign.

There were rumours recently that Channel Ten in Australia were considering bringing back Australian Idol after announcing the return of So You Think You Can Dance.  Ten weren’t ruling it out but it appears they have now, for the time being.

Bringing back NZ Idol would be fun but highly unrealistic in the current landscape with The X Factor on TV3 and New Zealand’s Got Talent being highly rating for TVNZ.  However, if NZ On Air won’t fund a third TVNZ season of NZGT, would they fund a returning fourth season of Idol? Continue reading »

Yesterday we were accused of unfairly comparing the debut week single sales of TV talent show winners Jackie Thomas and Ben Lummis.  The suggestion that Ben’s record breaking hit that was certified 4x Platinum practically came from a bygone era is something we don’t buy into.

In the first week after winning New Zealand Idol in 2004, Ben’s They Can’t Take That Away was certified triple platinum.  That’s at least 30,000 units.  For Jackie Thomas, it was at least 5,000.

The following graph shows the actual range of sales for both singles based on how they were certified.  As you can see, they are oceans apart.


The argument is that the record industry has changed and that it is harder to sell music now.  But is that really the case?  Continue reading »


Friday night viewing on TV3 is simply the best!

He appeared in the second season of New Zealand Idol.  She’s a finalist in the first season of X Factor New Zealand.  Together, they’re two of the stars from an insurance TV ad.


It seems to be something we do in New Zealand.  If you’re a plus size contestant, you become Big Someone-or-other. In the first season of NZ Idol, Dave Houma became Big Dave.  Last season of New Zealand’s Got Talent, Dane Moeke was referred to as Big Dane.  So where does that leave things for The X Factor?

Māka Fiso is another larger contestant and unfortunately for him, while his mentor proudly speaks hori English, plenty of viewers will refer to him as Macca as opposed to the correct pronounciation, Maaka.

I won’t be at all surprised if he starts getting referred to as Big Maka, something that I expect one of the main sponsors of the show may not be too upset about.