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I find Larry Williams to be a bit simple. He doesnt seem to understand what is happening in the world. His attitude towards the poor and middle income workers is very negative. He has little empathy. The other day he couldnt understand how a reporter didn’t have sky. Her reason was due to cost. It seemed to Larry everyone should have sky.

Today he attacked the Labour party comments on Kiwisaver as something terrible. Surely the opposition should make comment.

I think they need to have a commentator who is more informed.

In recent years online dating has become commonplace on the internet, but like a lot of things technological, New Zealand is light years behind. With the recent release of the iPhone, New Zealand saw a recent gadget finally come to our shores on time, but for a significantly bloated price, or – that we have state of the art cable internet, that only the super rich can warrant using.

This money trend doesn’t apply to the online dating scene however, but the concept is the same, it’s there, but something is keeping it from being what it could. With the online scene, it’s pretty much one thing; Sex. The New Zealand online dating scene has turned itself into one big orgy meeting place.

I find this disappointing, because online dating should theoretically be there for those who otherwise struggle to find people to talk with, or find it hard to be socially forward. Instead it’s turned into some perverted forum for those who struggle to stop having relationships. Something the internet needs less of If we’re being honest.

It’s nice to see places like Facebook bringing old friends together and keeping things within social circles so you find like minded folk to be-friend without only seeing the same people over and over again – but when I go for a browse on NZDating, It shouldn’t feel like I’m walking down Courtney Place or K Road being harassed, or uncomfortable. It should feel like I’m searching for like minded people I haven’t met yet. It’s missing the point. New Zealand’s maturity on the world stage seems to go over the head of the average party goer.


I am looking for qualified models that are extremely aquatic for an underwater portfolio shoot in Cebu Philippines. We would need models to be extremely comfortable underwater, able to hold their breath underwater for an extended period of time, and willing to put the hard work into training.

We will combine this shoot with a casting for a new underwater action movie called NORTH OF A BILLION, and while I cannot promise anything, I would favourably consider models that have acting skills and are able to pull off the challenges of underwater action scenes.

Here are the details:

Location: The Underwater Studio at Bigfoot Studios Cebu
Start Date: November 12, 2009, for 4 weeks
You will need a valid passport to travel to Cebu. I will consider any models worldwide that have extraordinary underwater skills and/or a strong determination and dedication to train hard and excel in performance.


The shoot will be sponsored by companies that will shoulder the expenses of the air ticket, accommodation and food, in exchange for 2 photo shoots for swimwear fashion line in Asia, possibly a commercial.

I also am trying to line up more paid jobs for the models while they are at the facilities, unfortunately due to the adverse economic environment, I cannot promise anything.

What I can promise is that each model – if able to do so – will leave with fantastic underwater shoots as well as swimsuit shoots in the style of my portfolio.


Please submit casting applications to

If you are on iStudio, please include your iStudio profile number.

If you are not on iStudio, please attach 2-3 recent photos (full body/bikini preferred)




Recent changes to Cadbury’s chocolate have seen more than just a new size. Two major changes to the ingredients are also of concern to the chocolate loving nation. Firstly as a costcutting measure; Cadbury have cut the total amount of cocoa solids from 26% to  21% in their standard Dairy Milk chocolates, decreasing any health benefits and actual “chocolateness” it originally contained.

Secondly, and much more concerning is the inclusion of Vegetable Fat as a filler, specifically Palm Oil. The leading cause of deforestation in both Borneo and Sumatra. This deforestation is a key reason in the ever looming extinction of the Orangutan. Cadbury claim to use sustainable palm oil, but it’s use will only increase it’s manuafacture and subsiquent further deforestation.

Cadbury has recently been polled as New Zealand’s number one trusted brand and they have used this trust to their advantage and used cunning marketeing techniques to take New Zealand for a ride. Have your say and tell Cadbury that New Zealand is better than this and we deserve quality consumer goods that don’t impact the envrionement in a negetive manner.

More info and a way to speak your mind through Twitter over at and a 3News article Here.


Here’s the new Telecom TXT and data options on their new XT network, according to Geekzone. Because they now give you free credit when you top up (like they do in Australia), it can be a bit confusing to work out exactly how much the new add-ons will cost you so I’ve made up this table to help.

If you top-up $20 you get $25 worth of credit.
If you top-up $40 you get $52 worth of credit.
If you top-up $60 you get $80 worth of credit.

Note: I’m assuming you’re allowed to use your free credit towards add-ons and not just phone calls, we’ve asked Telecom to clarify this but would be strange (and hard for accounting!) if you couldn’t.

Amount of credit Actual cost (min) Actual cost (max)
Single TXT $0.20 $0.15 $0.16
TXT add-ons
150 TXT $6.00 $4.50 $4.80
600 TXT $12.00 $9.00 $9.60
1500 TXT $18.00 $13.50 $14.40
Data add-ons
20MB $6.00 $4.50 $4.80
120MB $12.00 $9.00 $9.60
240MB $18.00 $13.50 $14.40
500MB $34.00 $25.50 $27.20
1GB $54.95 $41.21 $43.96
2GB $69.95 $52.46 $55.96
3GB $84.95 $63.71 $67.96

Hey hey,

Just letting you know my YouTube account has been deleted again, so the embedded ones on throng will no longer work.

On the throng home page, the list of shows are all hyperlinked. But to what?!! Most of the time, a click leads me to a totally unrelated link.



I was surprised to hear over the weekend that both Ali Mau and Simon Dallow are smokers. I also knew that Mark Sainsbury is one as well.

Does anyone else know of other newsreaders/high profile presenters that smoke too??

Musical star Rob Guest died overnight in Melbourne after suffering a massive stroke.

Guest, 57, who had been starring in the musical Wicked, was admitted to Melbourne ‘s St Vincent’s Hospital on Tuesday night, a spokeswoman for the production said.

He died peacefully in the hospital early this morning.

A hospital spokesperson told the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper the family wanted the public to know he was surrounded by relatives and friends when he died.

Guest was born in Britain but enjoyed fame as a pop star in New Zealand in the 1970s and 1980s and spent a decade in Las Vegas.

His stage musical career took him to Australia where he starred in Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera.

He was awarded an OBE for his services to the New Zealand entertainment industry in 1994.

Guest was the world’s longest serving Phantom having played the role a record 2289 performances over seven years in front of Australian and New Zealand audiences.

He had been at home with his partner Kellie Dickerson, Wicked’s musical director, when he collapsed about 10pm on Tuesday, the Melbourne Age reported.