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Looking back over the last week or so, I’ve spent more time in front of a computer screen than a TV screen for my TV needs.  It started with keeping track of developments at Parliament with the Privileges Hearing, and of course the now infamous two dead snapper held up by David Shearer.

via TV3 News

via TV3 News

On Saturday I found myself with net access but in a place without Sky TV.  A little nimble Google-Fu had me watching the All Blacks a mere 1 minute 40 seconds delayed over the live broadcast.

Next, I tuned into the Louis Vuitton Cup final races just before taking the kids to school – then rushing back to see Team New Zealand take the cup.

In an increasingly busy life with lots of commitments but improving connectivity, I seem to squeeze my TV watching in when I can, often multi-tasking (ahem, working…).  The days of sitting in front of the TV are coming to an end for me.

I want it when I want it, I want what I want, and I want traditional media channels to make it available to me.  Now.

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In my other life as a forensic computer specialist for the GCSB, I get to see that the majority of people now download movies and TV programmes from the Internet.  It shows there is a growing need for audiences to watch what they want to watch and when they want to watch it.

And although this doesn’t have national security implications, it does indicate the growing pressure on traditional broadcast channels to adapt.

In the US, House of Cards is having a tilt at a new distribution model:  The whole show is released at the same time.  Viewers can choose to watch one episode at a time, or gorge themselves with back to back marathons.

Its main star, Kevin Spacey, explains their journey

Double Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey has challenged TV channels to give “control” to their audiences or risk losing them at his address at the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival.

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This week sees Choice TV launch ‘Choice TV On Demand’, specifically designed for a multi-media Kiwi audience.

The launch comes just ten weeks after the lifestyle and entertainment channel launched across New Zealand, on Freeview Channel 12.

Viewers who may have missed an episode or want to see their favourite show again, can simply go to www.choicetv.co.nz/on-demand to catch up! Continue reading »