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ONE News
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Lucky escape for pilot
He really is lucky to be alive … an incredible story of survival emerges after a light plane crash.

Golden day for Kiwi shot put ace
A golden day for Valerie Vili at the World Athletics Champs

Camilla backtracks on Diana memorial
And why Camilla’s pulled out of attending a memorial for Princess Diana.

Close Up
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Miraculous survival
His plane crashed, his pilot seriously injured so Richard Bateman clawed his way throught five kilometres of steep terrain to get help. Plus 46 hours trapped in Middle Earth … the underground rescue in Motueka. And who mugged Chris Mangan’s elderly mum? He’ll pay $2,000 for the name.

I was watching BBC World just now on TV ONE when I thought the a reporter speaking had a kiwi accent and it turns out to be Catherine Loft, former ONE News reporter. So good on her for moving on up in the world

To celebrate SKYTOWER’s 10th birthday, here is a clip from ONE News when the tower first opened:

A rumoured review of TVNZ’s One News could see weekday presenter Wendy Petrie moved to the weekend bulletin on her own and weekend presenter Bernadine Oliver-Kerby join Dallow on weeknights.

Recent ratings have shown that One News has slowed, but not halted the drop of viewers and advertising dollars.

Does One News need another overhaul of its presenters?

This is from the NZ Herald website. Some people have expressed their views:

It sures does. The start with Kay Gregory leaving The Breakfast Show this morning is just what TVNZ needs. The America’s Cup is a classic example of TVNZ News being big on “jollies” for the staff but really light on anything about news to watch. Their whole approach seems to be based on sensationalism like the old crappy newspaper reports. -Peebee from Rotorua

TVNZ forgot ages ago that television is a visual medium and followed instead the Governments PC direction that says everyone is equal. So they employ unattractive, mostly older, presenters. A speach impediment also helps.-John from Wellington

I support TVNZ news – more so I think from historical reasons (family days and in the absence of competition). However we all need updating sometimes – I therefore fully support the recommended changes – bring in Bernie and Veitch, they have a great rapport at the weekend. In overhaluling the news, I think there is a need to offer more international news. In comparision to European chanels, NZ is very limited on its coverage (in the context of volume and content) Something BBC news-ish? -Tv1 suppporter from Auckland

TVNZ is considering starting a late afternoon news programme in an effort to attract more viewers.

The state broadcaster said yesterday it was looking at new programming options for the afternoon, which could include news, game-show and lifestyle programmes.

Source: NZ Herald.

Prime News has been growing its viewer numbers in the face of declining audiences for the TV One and TV3 6pm news broadcasts.

The 5.30pm news show attracted 30.9 per cent of the total viewing audience on one night in the latest survey.

The usual audience share for Prime in this time slot is around 15 per cent.

TV One and TV3, meanwhile, continued their downward trend this year with total viewing numbers for the two shows at their lowest in almost seven years in May, with 948,611 viewers across the country.

MikeA rants about the recent state of our local TV news saying that they are “harvesting misery and sleaze to get advertising revenue”.

“They want ratings and they appear to think that we want scapegoats, theater and fear. The media tries to sucker public figures into initiating the blame game. They overuse catch phrases, some of my favorites are “debacle”, “PC-gone mad”, “somebody has got to pay” and “heads will roll.””

He goes on to describe examples of news items he found appalling.

This is pretty bad… and pretty funny! Spare Room reports both One News and 3 News used a photoshopped image from a woman who sent it in as a joke!

The following is a statement provided to us from TV3:

“TV3 was misled into using this image very briefly. As soon as we were advised it was potentially fake, we removed it from our system. It has served as a timely reminder to be vigilant with viewer contributions, particularly given the technology available to people at home.”

The following is a statement provided to us from TVNZ:

“Like many of the media, TVNZ used this image in good faith for a short time, and stopped using the image as soon as we realised it might not be authentic. We are very aware that photographs and video footage can be digitally altered, and we have processes in place to check the material that is supplied to us by the public. Because of this incident, we are reviewing these processes.”

OK so as part of their ONE Sport team in Valencia covering the America’s Cup, ONE News has yachting correspondent Martin Tasker reporting for them, fair enough. However what I don’t understand is why do they need to send their European Correspondent Melissa Stokes as well as Wendy Petrie over there? Surely John McBeth and some of the ONE Sport team can do what Petrie and Stokes are doing while Stokes is elsewhere in Europe covering another story. It just seems like a waste of resources.

While I supported the anti-smacking law, it now seems to be confused by logic on what is legal smacking and what is illegal, no doubt by the idiots that were against it in the first place.

I dont think much of Sues latest effort, If any couple get married and have children at age of 16 I dont think they should be allowed to vote until they are about 30.

Do you know from next month most NZers will be able to get cheaper doctors visits? but you can only register with one doctor and only go to that doctor, it also takes about three months to register, proscription cost is also a lot cheaper, (well you can go to other doctors but you have to pay standard charges.)

By the way a proscription lasts for 6 months, but after the first 3 months you loose the Government subsidy.

I was going to bring is news item to the attention on one of the news networks, but because of a newspaper trying to double bill me for a advertisement on a amount for less than $100, if I had of lost the receipt I would of either have to pay up again or have my credit rating screwed. the news networks did wish to go with this story, no doubt because they are screwing the newspapers for a crap TV line up, when it should be the TV networks paying the newspaper for their entertainment advertisement.

Dont you get sick of the unprofessional weather presenters on TV, just because it is raining does not mean it is a rotten day and like wise just because is is a warm sunny day does not mean it is a beautiful day. Most of these weather presenters on TV need to get a life.