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Great news. Tonight I watched TV1 news and Wendy and Neil were on. Wendy made a comment about sport and Neil actually made eye contact. Which is great.

Obviously TV1 people reads these blogs as I made the comment how Neil Waka never looked at Wendy when she spoke or he was responding to a comment made to her. He would only look at Simon.

It shows that it is worth making comment if you feel there is injustice.

By the way I think Wendy looked great tonight. She has fantastic eyes……..

There’s an interesting entry today on Damian Christie’s blog about how TV 3 used its news to promote its own show Deal or No Deal by focusing on complaints about low-cut dresses. Christie says he used to work for TVNZ and read a lot of logs for when callers phioned in, usually with complaints, so he knows how the system works.

Christie said:

The call logs make for great reading and are a real peek into the psyche of Joe and Jane Complainant. “I don’t like Judy Bailey’s hair tonight”, or “Don’t you know the weather presenter’s arse is blocking the Chatham Islands?” and other items of great import. Compliments too, but needless to say, most people only call to offer brickbats rather than bouquets.

But as a general rule, such complaints do not make news. When is it ever in the broadcaster’s interest to run a news story about how a given programme has been getting complaints?

Answer: When the complaints relate to gratuitious cleavage.

If the broadcaster were being a leedle more honest, the news story would have gone like this:

Did ya see all the tits on that new game show of ours last night?! Did ya? No? Well here’s a taste of what you’ll get if you tune in next week. Pretty choice eh!

In case you missed it. That’s Deal or No Deal, Wednesday, 8.30 on 3. Tony Field, 3 News.

Someone posted a response about how TV One’s news is shamelessly promoting their coverage of The America’s Cup.

Russell Brown also added a comment saying:

Without wishing to piss in your pocket Damian, One’s news and current affairs services increasingly look like the sensible option. I’m not sure what they’re thinking at 3 right now.

OTOH, how many damn cameras did One have at the funeral of that nice lady from South Auckland this week? Was she Prime Minister or something?

There are other posts complaining about both TV3 and TV One’s news coverage. Someone complained about TVNZ’s news endless promotion of Dancing with the Stars – tho without the sexual titilation

Did anyone see the late TV1 news at 10:35 about the supermarket plastic bags item? it really beats me, the logic out there, I have s white “reduce – reuse – recycle” bag it is great it fits over my shoulder so I could if I wish walk home with my “hands in my pockets” is it me or what is everyone happy to straggle home carrying either plastic or “green” bags?

Fairfax and TVNZ have signed an agreement for a video supply from ONE News, replacing the service previously provided by 3 News. TVNZ will provide Fairfax online media with video clips from stories broadcast within ASB Business and the Breakfast, Midday and 6pm News bulletins. There’s also provision for clips from breaking news, weather reports and Sports News. TVNZ Chief Executive Rick Ellis says the Fairfax deal is a prime example of TVNZ’s company strategy in action. “Carefully chosen partnerships are the way for us to achieve our primary goal of having our content available on every platform and every screen, whenever New Zealanders want to see it”, he says. “ONE News is already the most-watched bulletin in the country, and we see this partnership as recognition of the tremendous expertise and resource we have in our newsroom at TVNZ”.
TVNZ content will appear on Fairfax online media site from 1st July.

All Black great Zinzan Brooke gives his first interview since undergoing surgery for a head injury sustained on May 24. Brooke checked out of hospital in Elche, Spain on Tuesday, after being given the all-clear by doctors and has returned to his home in London. The 42-year-old was hospitalised for acute pain in his brain the morning after the Barbarian side he was coaching beat Spain 52-26 in Elche.

One News at 6:00pm on TV One

When ever Neil Waka speaks about sport to the newsreaders his eyes are always focussed on Simon. He just ignores Wendy. If I was him Wendys eyes are the one I would look at…So come on Neil show some respect. Sport is not just a bloke thing. Look at Rabo Plus girl… I rather be following her bum than yours in the peleton..

What a laugh Wendy has.. I bet at a party after a few wines Wendy would be a goer.. Last night on TV 1 news she laughed at some poor coot tripping over while he walked or ran on to a footy field.. She would be the life and soul of the party. Could be contageous….
Not like Poobum Hillary toogoodie shoes on TV3.

I think Wendy Petrie is great reading the news. She looks great and is easy on the eye. Reads the news well and easy to understand. I choose TV1 news because Wendy Petrie is presenting it.

Thursday 17 May 1.50pm

Michael Wilson hosts a ONE News Special: LIVE comprehensive coverage of Budget 2007.
The ONE News Budget Special will cross live to Parliament as Finance Minister Michael Cullen delivers his eighth budget. BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander and political commentator Chris Trotter will provide economic and political analysis, plus there will be live responses from political party leaders and market reaction from Goldman Sachs JBWere economist, Shamubeel Eaqub.

Television New Zealand is threatening legal action against a former colleague of top newsreader Simon Dallow following a series of scandalous emails.

The man at the centre of the controversy is fashion commentator Robert Haddock, who has been accused of improperly using other people’s email accounts in an attempt to fuel speculation about his role in Dallow’s private life.

Haddock – a former drag queen who used to perform under the stage name “Mary Lambie” – has denied he is behind the emails, but others believe he has an “obsession” with Dallow and TV presenters in general.

TVNZ spokesman Peter Parussini told the Herald on Sunday it was aware of the emails and would be taking legal action if the person responsible continued making defamatory remarks about its top newsreader.

In reference to Haddock, Parussini said: “This person clearly has a sad life. He [Dallow] thinks this person is a sad individual as well.”

The Herald on Sunday has been made aware of two emails sent to several individuals and media organisations concerning Dallow. The first was sent on April 16 from the email account of a Papatoetoe couple who share their home with Haddock. They denied any knowledge of the email, and said they had no idea who may have been using their email account.

The second email was sent on Wednesday from the email account of a former Viva radio personality who used to work with Haddock.

The former Viva presenter said she was furious about the email, and had confronted a defiant Haddock about it.

She had been contacted by TVNZ over the matter and had telephoned Dallow to make it clear she had no involvement in the email.

“This sort of thing is not on. How many other emails have gone out with my name on it?

“When you look at it in black and white it suggests I sent those emails. That’s why I rang Simon – he’s a friend of mine and I’d hate it if he thought I was behind this.”

The Radio Network operations manager John Taylor said an investigation by IT staff had found that a Viva email account had been accessed remotely, and while he could not say definitely who the culprit was, he had his suspicions.

“The account should have been closed, but it wasn’t because of an oversight. That account was then accessed from someone outside the building. We’re pretty sure we know who it was.”

Haddock worked briefly last year as a freelance fashion reporter for Viva, appearing regularly on Dallow’s nine to noon show.

“He clearly has a fascination with Simon after doing reports on Simon’s show,” Taylor said.

Haddock was dismissed last year by The Radio Network following Air New Zealand Fashion Week, after racking up an unauthorised bill of $1000 at an Auckland hotel.

Haddock confirmed he had been at a TVNZ function a fortnight ago attended by Dallow, but said he was not the person behind the emails. He had no idea how the first email sent from his home email account had ended up in the hands of media organisations and denied ever logging into the Viva email server.

“I prefer not to talk about it. I have nothing to say,” he said.

This is not the first time Haddock’s name has been linked to controversy. He was sacked after a short stint as a receptionist with TV show Queer Nation after the alleged unauthorised use of an Eftpos card belonging to one of the show’s presenters.

Photo: Robert Haddock and Simon Dallow
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