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The NZ Herald this morning claims that Susan Wood is tipped to take over Agenda….. Oooooh noooo!!! For goodness sake, Wood is not up to leading a serious current affairs show. If this is so, please think again TVNZ. Please don’t let Wood ruin this prog.

OTOH Lisa Owen is being moved to work on TV One news. That’s a hopeful change for One News.

With the change of TV One’s channel graphics. Does anyone know if the same is the same happening with the news graphics/set?

Was this ever used?
This is an official One News promo. The music hasn’t been changed, but I cannot remember this ever being used!

it was a 0ne news opener from 2004 through to the start of 2006, however that music wasn’t used, i imagine it was only on the ink project site (yea i’ve seen it before) due to rights about the music or something along those lines.


Even though it remains the most watched news programme in NZ, One News has suffered a large fall in ratings in some key demographics. If you had the chance, what would you do to improve their news?

As some initial ideas, would you change the time it is on, the presenters, the news stories they choose to cover, the way the cover them? Would you want a different type of story, more/less local news, more/less politics, more/less entertainment?

When you think of TV1’s news, what comes to mind? Credible, boring, stuffy, authoritative, friendly, entertaining, edgy, irrelevant?

Here you go folks, it’s your turn to design your own news programme.

I have to ask why do people love TV1 news when there is TV3 news, I gave up on TV1 6pm when they gave Judy the boot and replaced her with two people half as good.

Last night I saw TV3 6pm news & TV1 10:25pm news and saw the news item on traffic jam down Auckland Queen Street because someone has found a way of spending lots of Rate & Rent payers money (as if they need it).

TV3 News told viewers how “rush hour in Queen Street lasts all day” then they showed the traffic lights on green and said “…. and green does not mean go” don’t ask me what TV1 news told me about the words used on Queen Street it was a similar story but the words used were not worth remembering.

It look like TV1 news gets it’s award with votes from their viewers who don’t know how to switch stations with their TV “program” button,

The point is TV3 news showed how they had put some homework and effort into a boring story basically screened for the need of Aucklanders to take note and the rest of the country south of the Bombay hills had to watch. What a shame they can not put their news back to 6:30pm.

Expect a completely rebranded TV One in April/May. In addition there will be changes coming to One News and expect to see it become available on more platforms (e.g. cellphone, iPod, downloadable).

A One News item reported that a group of teenage boys in Australia had filmed their attack on an intellectually disabled teenage girl and were circulating DVD copies of the incident for $5 each. The item included portions of the DVD which showed the boys taunting the girl and setting fire to her hair. The girl was seen crawling on the ground. Her face was pixellated.

Two complainants said the item went far beyond accepted standards relating to children’s interests as it included a number of images that would be disturbing and inappropriate for young people. Furthermore, the length of the item and the number of incidents meant that the violence shown was gratuitous.

The BSA upheld the complaint, and found the item breached the children’s interests and violence standards.

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One of the main things I don’t like about One News/3 News is how the show is split up. I know there are so many people who love sports news but most of the sports news stories to me don’t seem like real news.

I’m happy to see a quick summary of last night’s cricket or rugby match or overseas sporting event, but other than that, I’m just not interested in all the speculation, commentary and so on.

I would much prefer that there was more local and international news stories than sport always filling up a set proportion of the show. Perhaps the new TVNZ news channel will cater more to people like me who would love an hour long news bulletin with just news. No sport, no weather (I can check weather online much faster), no filler silly or oddball stories to hold onto viewers (there’s plenty of things I can amuse myself with on YouTube), just a serious news bulletin.

I would also love it if things such as important political speeches could be broadcast in full, unedited, for me to make my mind up on rather than sound-bites, commentary and people picking it to pieces without hearing the full thing. I’m left to read the speeches by the various parties online, but how many people never read them and only hear the pundits?

Over at Sir Humphrey’s and Half Done, there is some criticism over One News coverage of John Key’s speech yesterday.

DMN Newswire–2007-1-24–OmniBus Systems, the award-winning provider of comprehensive automation and content management solutions to the broadcast industry, today announced that TVNZ plans to extend and upgrade its Digiknow server-based newsroom system in Auckland, New Zealand, and extend it to its regional news-gathering bureaux in Wellington and Christchurch.

TVNZ is New Zealand’s state-owned public-service broadcaster and is required under the terms of its charter to make a profit. Digiknow, an inspiration system combining Quantel servers and craft edit stations with OmniBus automation and media management, has been in operation since 2002. The new system is based around OmniBus Systems’ modular G3 automation technology and OPUS asset management system, integrated with the latest Quantel Q series video servers and edit stations to provide full file-sharing between all three sites. There are three separate Quantel server zones, with OmniBus MAM operating as a single domain.

The Digiknow system introduced a tapeless production system as a means of increasing the efficiency of TVNZ’s news operation, the ratings driver for the broadcaster’s TVONE channel. “The Digiknow system has delivered the benefits we were looking for, making our operation much more productive,” said Don Cunningham, head of news operations at TVNZ. “With this new equipment we can extend the gains throughout the three TVNZ sites, giving the news-gathering bureaux the same powerful tools and productive workflow that we’ve had in Auckland for four years.”

OPUS MAM tools and G3 controls are integrated with, or replace, existing G2 devices. The new G3 Feed Manager provides enhanced recording control of live feeds for recurring, scheduled, and non-scheduled bookings. To assist efficient use and repurposing of archive material, OPUS Logging lets operators add custom-indexed metadata throughout the production process to provide powerful searching in OPUS PinPoint using synonym, phonetic, and proximity search criteria. OPUS and the OmniBus Desktop Control are integrated into the Quantel SQ View X client, allowing journalists to locate, view, and edit material rapidly.

More information about OmniBus Systems’ digital asset management, automation, and transmission technology is available online at