One News

Does anybody else find the guy who does the weather on ONE NEWS creepy. Like pedophile/serial killer creepy.

ENTOURAGE: I have Season 1 and 2 on DVD and watch it all the time.. They cast that show perfectly!! LOVE everything about it ESP Turtle and Ari! And to be fair I wouldn’t say no to a sandwich with Vince either.

THE O.C: Was my favourite TV Show once again own all the DVDS for it But…I feel it got a little depressing in the latest season though…

TV1 NEWS: I feel they do all they can to get the stories that WE REALLY want…And Simon Dallow is probably the RADDEST person in the world! Check out his myspace page…

Not that I’m a fan of One News or anything but this article on stuff today kinda annoyed me.

Basically, Wendy is coming last on the TV Guide Best of the Box poll. So why is this news worthy? Because One News continues to nose dive in the ratings and it’s such an easy target.

What I find funny is this sentence:

Wendy tails TV One colleagues Simon Dallow and Bernadine Oliver-Kerby, TV3’s Mike McRoberts, Hilary Barry and Carolyn Robinson.

If it’s bad news for Wendy Petrie, then it must be terrible news for Carly Flynn (nee Kirkwood) who doesn’t even rate.

According to the papers this morning, Wendy Petrie and Simon Dallow get $20,000 and $10,000 to spend on their wardrobe for the year. The clothes remain the property of TVNZ and are donated to charity at the end of the year.

TV 3’s Mark Jennings noted that Mike McRobert’s wardrobe would cost about the same although he reckons that after 3 suits, most of it would be spent.

Bernadine Oliver-Kerby is currently leading the poll as the country’s favourite newsreader. Bernadine reads the news on the weekend.

This puts her ahead of all other newsreaders including One News’ co-anchor Simon Dallow and TV3’s Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts.

Make your picks online at or by using the special voting form included in the TV Guide issue on sale October 12. All voters go in the draw to win a major HP prize pack valued at $3000.