Last week we learned that TVNZ was giving the TV One logo a bit of a refresh.

The TV ONE logo is being updated as of Monday 1st July. The logo is embargoed until this date.

From the 1st July onward could you please use attached logos in all print and online publications. Please note, this date is the actual date not the on sale date.

However, it appears as though TVNZ aren’t following their own embargo as the new logo now appears on their own website.

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TVNZ has begun to roll out their “One Love” campaign for the upcoming Rugby World Cup this year alongwith a range of new idents for 2011 on both TV One and TV2.

Here is the full set of TV One and TV2 idents for 2011 created by Spicer & Martin Ltd.

Rugby World Cup One love #2:

Rugby World Cup One love #3:


TV One idents:

TV One – travel:

TV One – NZ:

TV One – laugh:

TV One – Family:

TV One – Tamati:

TV One: Colours:

TV One: Marcus:

TV One – Food:

TV One – Jim:


TV2 idents:

TV2 – The Bomb:

TV2 – The Kiss:

TV2 – The Trip:

TV2 – The Tease:

TV2 – The 5 Second Rule:

TV2 – The Birthday Party: