Only a Miracle

This began today 10-2-07 on Channel One – 11am-12pm – and comes under the description of ‘Medical Documentary’ seeming to have three stories each time.

Today’s episode featured, first of all, a little 3-year-old girl who had been riding her tricycle around the family swimming pool after her Dad had arrived home with her and asked her to play in her room, taking her to her room and she had ‘supposedly’ settled down in there before Dad went to take a nap.

Mum arrived home and then asked Dad where the little girl was and on checking in her room found she wasn’t there only to go outside and find tricycle was on the bottom of the pool and the little girl was floating on top.

She had been clinically dead for over 30 minutes and yet after two weeks regained consciousness completely normal and with NO brain damage and after a month of therapy to get her walking again she was up and about and completely normal.

The next story was about a boy who was a basketball star at his local high school and was out with friends when an altercation took place where some of his friends were being hassled and he stepped in only to be shot at blank range in the side of the head with a .25 calibre gun.

His brain was swollen etc. and then the neurosurgeon decided to do a temporal (front lobe of the brain) lobectomy – removal of the frontal lobe of the brain – because there had been so much damage.

In this case it was even more miraculous than the last story as he started to respond immediately, having been in a coma when they brought him in, and was trying to talk around his breathing tube and had also reached out his hand for his mother. In no time at all he was talking quite normally etc. and was back at school within three weeks and back to playing basketball. No headaches, memory loss or any other neurological deficits.

The last story was about a little girl who had been born profoundly deaf, obviously a form that couldn’t use cochlear implants.

The family prayed over a photo of a Catholic Nun who had been shown on TV there and did special things for people, holding the photo of the Nun up against the little girl’s ears and in no time at all, having only been able to use sign language and lip-reading – no ability to talk at all, she could hear and was talking straight away -no baby babble nothing but just straight into words and sentences.

In all three cases the medics were baffled and couldn’t explain the cases.

The one about the deaf girl had me sitting there with my mouth open given that I have a hearing impairment myself.

Well worth a watch my cyber-friends!!! 🙂