This is what you get when you combine sound-bites from Lance Armstrong’s Oprah interview and Radiohead’s ‘Creep’. Continue reading »

A short promo for Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong has been released.

Unfortunately, there is very little to be learned from it besides the fact that Oprah loves a little dramatic suspense.

Let’s hope Armstrong actually says something in the interview.

Oprah Winfrey has addressed the reports that Lance Armstrong confessed to doping during the pair’s interview this week.

There were a number of reports that claimed the disgraced cyclist had admitted taking performance-enhancing drugs during his seven Tour de France wins but none were confirmed.

Winfrey has since said that Armstrong was “forthcoming” when she asked him about the doping charges.

She said that she hadn’t planned to address the interview until after it had aired on January 17 (US time) but was forced to today following the number of reports. Continue reading »

This week Lance Armstrong announced he would be allowing Oprah Winfrey to interview him regarding his involvement in doping during his cycling career.

Not surprisingly, the decision to grant the interview to Oprah has been met with criticism from many.

The Oprah Winfrey Network has promised a “no-holds barred” confessional from the American cyclist, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles last year, but many are predicting the interview will follow the usual Oprah format of “cuddles over confrontation”.

British cyclist David Millar – a staunch anti-doping advocate – feared that the interview will be “stage-managed” and that it will focus on his emotions as opposed to delving into what he did wrong.

“Only Lance would get to have his moment of truth, if that’s what it will be, in front of Oprah Winfrey,” Millar said. Continue reading »

Lance Armstrong will give an exclusive TV interview to Oprah Winfrey where he will reportedly open up regarding the continued doping allegations against him.

The cyclist, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles last year, will talk to Oprah from his Texas home where he will address the “alleged doping scandal, years of accusations of cheating, and charges of lying about the use of performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career”.

Before the interview was announced, The New York Times reported recently that Armstrong was on the verge of admitting that he used performance-enhancing drugs while riding the Tour. Continue reading »

2:00pm – Friday, September 9 on TV 3

After 25 years, the final week of all new Oprah begins on Monday, September 5 th , with the unmissable Oprah finale screening on Friday, September 9 th at 2pm on 3. “It’s our audience I’ll miss the most,” Winfrey explained leading to her final week. “The people we’ve reached who have responded in kind and in kindness.”

And so, fittingly, this week’s finale “is going to be about that deep connection between Oprah and the viewers,” says executive producer Sheri Salata. “It’s been an unbelievable feat to establish a relationship with millions of people. And she’s done it.” That bond, for many of Oprah’s viewers, can be a spiritual one. “Oprah is a powerful voice in their lives, not unlike a pastor,” says Kathryn Lofton, author of Oprah: The Gospel of an Icon. “She believes her work is a mission, that she was meant to connect her life to theirs for the betterment of the world.”

Still, Oprah likes to have a good time, and fans will see that side of her in full force during a two-part special, screening on Wednesday, September 7 th and Thursday, September 8 th , filmed at Chicago’s United Center in front of 20,000 fans, Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular will feature a galaxy of celebrities and surprises!

“Oprah had killed the possibility of a prime-time special,” says Salata. “She said, ‘We are not going to sit there and do Oprah, Oprah, Oprah, you’re so fabulous.’ But the end of the season was screaming for some sort of celebration.” “I thought she would be more comfortable not being a part of it, not knowing who’s being asked or what we’re doing, even though she doesn’t like surprises. My most compelling argument was that it would be about what the show has meant in viewers’ lives for 25 years. She said she’d pray on it, and then she agreed.”

Make sure not to miss this Oprah action in the lead up to the final episode screening on Friday, September 9 th at 2pm on 3.

Super Rugby final draws big numbers

Saturday night’s Super Rugby final between the Reds and the Crusaders produced record pay TV ratings in Australia for Fox Sports. 518,000 viewers tuned in across the ditch while 461,210 watched here in NZ on Sky Sport.

Oprah not hosting Oscars

Oscars boss Tom Sherak has dismissed rumours that Oprah Winfrey will be hosting the 2012 Academy Awards. “It’s not true, and I don’t know where that story even came from,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

Vinny returns to Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino has reportedly returned to the MTV reality series after splitting during filming for the fifth season.

Criminal Minds adds Moses

Desperate Housewives and Mad Men actor Mark Moses has signed on to feature in the seventh season premiere of Criminal Minds.

Jackson picks boy/girl Idol finale

American Idol judge Randy Jackson is picking that the finale of the series will “come down to a boy and a girl”. In other words, Jackson is picking either Lauren Alaina or Haley Reinhart to go home this week, with the final then to be contested by the survivor and Scotty McCreery.

Stars farewell Oprah

The likes of Tom Cruise, Madonna, Beyonce, and Tom Hanks were among those to bid Oprah farewell at the taping of ‘Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular’ this week. Other attendees at the bash to celebrate Oprah’s talkshow career included Michael Jordan, Jerry Seinfeld, Will Smith, Halle Berry and Katie Holmes.

Griffiths heading back to Aussie

Australian Brothers & Sisters actress Rachel Griffiths is planning a move back to Australia following the axing of the drama series this week. Griffiths is interested in working on Australian productions.

Weaver joins comedy pilot

Sigourney Weaver has agreed to feature in a new HBO comedy pilot called Spring/Fall. Weaver will join Tea Leoni and Hope Davis in the pilot, which centres on two women in New York who work together in the fashion industry.

Twitter ban at Logie Awards in Australia

Attendees at this year’s Logie Awards in Australia will have to do without Twitter thanks to a ban on the social networking website following its misuse last year. Several tweeters posted inappropriate comments during the ceremony last year, leading to organisers of the TV awards banning its use this year.

No record deal for Pia Toscano

Eliminated American Idol finalist Pia Toscano has shot down rumours that she has signed a recording deal following her exit from the show. The 22-year-old  says she hasn’t met with anyone yet regarding any contracts.

Grammer launches reality TV production company

Kelsey Grammer has launched a reality TV production company that will produce an upcoming reality series about three single girls in New York. The former Frasier actor is currently shopping the series around the networks.

$1m for ad spot during Oprah finale

US advertisers are being asked for as much as US$1 million for 30-second ad spots during the upcoming finale of Oprah Winfrey’s daytime talk show. The sum is nearly as much as the $1.22m advertisers shelled out for spots during the Everybody Loves Raymond finale in 2005.

John Key may soon be approaching the likes of Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman in an effort to raise international support for the Christchurch earthquake fund.

The Government is looking to boost support for the fund, lunched over the weekend, and is looking to popular talk-shows as a means of doing so.

“We are going to speak to well-known international talk-show hosts, maybe Letterman or Oprah Winfrey, those kinds of people,” Mr Key said.

The Government would also target social networking websites to promote the fund.

Source: odt.co.nz