Oprah’s Big Give

Wednesday, August 6th at 7:30pm on 3

The stars are coming out on Oprah’s Big Give. Last week we saw movie star John Travolta take the final three contestants for a ride on his private jet and this week’s season ender will see movie and TV star Jennifer Aniston pay a visit to the Big Givers when the series finals on Wednesday, August 6th at 7:30pm on 3.

On this week’s season finale, Oprah challenges the final contestants to create “Big Gives”, with no money and very little time, the last contestants standing must now work together to give big in order to win the one million dollars grand prize.

Upon the episode’s release Oprah’s Big Give host Nate Berkus spoke to American TV guide about the three remaining contestants and their chances of winning the competition.

“Because he achieved financial success at a very early age, Cameron thought he had this in the bag. But giving back – using his incredible organisational skills and sales ability to help anybody else – wasn’t part of his vernacular, Berkus says of dotcom entrepreneur Cameron Johnson.

Still the question remains, does Cameron have what it takes to win the competition?

“Through the course of this show, Cameron has really come to understand just what giving is able to give back to you. He’s one of the most tenacious people I’ve ever met, but has he thought ‘big’ enough every week remains to be seen.”

According to Berkus there’s one Oprah’s Big Give contestant who stood out and surprised everyone in the competition.

“People underestimated Brandi because she’s pretty, and that worked to her advantage and to her disadvantage at different times throughout the show,” Berkus says of beauty queen Brandi Milloy.

“But Brandi has proven week after week that she’s also a very empathetic, very competitive and highly organised player. Her inner beauty has really shone through,” he adds.

However, according to Berkus, there was one contestant throughout the competition who seemed more hungry for the title then the rest, “Stephen is truly one of the most compassionate men I’ve ever met, Berkus says of businessman Stephen Paletta.

“His strong point is that he was already devoting his life to giving back to other people on a daily basis. He captured me on the very first episode with how he and his team partner Eric [Klein] raised so much money for A.J., whose husband was killed on the job. Stephen has been really effective in the goal to help people but also in maintaining the spirit of the show.”

With that high praise it clearly seems that in his mind Berkus has already decided who the winner should be, but will Stephen manage to live up to the hype, or will Cameron or Brandi surprise Berkus and take home the one million dollars? Find out when Oprah’s Big Give finals on Wednesday, August 6th at 7:30pm on 3.

Wednesday, June 25th at 7:30pm

The competition continues to see who will become “The Biggest Giver” in 3’s new hit series Oprah’s Big Give, screening Wednesday June 25th at 7:30pm on 3.

Hosted by Nate Berkus, Oprah’s Big Give is the new hit reality series that focuses on contestants as they travel across America with a large sum of money, and try and help people in unique ways, and participate in a series of challenges in order to become America’s greatest philanthropist.

Last weeks’ season premiere saw Oprah Winfrey hand 10 contestants sealed envelopes with only a picture and the name of a complete stranger. The contestants were then ordered to transform the person’s life in just five days by using their creativity and resources to generate the most powerful difference.

At the end of last week’s premiere episode Oprah revealed to the viewers that unknown to the contestants, “The Biggest Giver” will walk away with $1 million.

However giving big does not necessarily always mean winning big. “There are millions of dollars being given away, but this is not a show just about giving away money. It’s a show about how creatively you can give. People are definitely going to get really involved not only with the story of the people who we help, but the stories of the people who are competing,” Berkus recently told American TV Guide.

But what happens if the contestants fail at fulfilling someone’s dream? “We always leave a city better than it was when we arrived. Someone may not have as positive an outcome as someone else, but there’s no one left with nothing.”

In this week’s second episode, the remaining nine contestants will be dropped in the middle of a major U.S. city where they don’t know anyone. Oprah will give them a 48-hour challenge that will send them scrambling to give away bundles of cash in the most creative and dramatic ways. At the end of this episode Oprah will announce another surprising twist – adding even more pressure to the remaining participants.

Find out who among Angelo Adams, Brandi Milloy, Cameron Johnson, Carlana Stone, Eric Klein, Kim Prentiss, Olusegun Sheg Aranmolate, Rachael Hollingsworth, and Stephen Paletta will be eliminated next when Oprah Big Give continues on Wednesday June 25th at 7:30pm on 3.

Wednesday, June 18th at 7:30pm

Oprah’s Big Give, premiering Wednesday, June 18th at 7:30pm on 3, is the exciting and much-anticipated new series that defies television convention with the bold idea of people competing to give rather than get.

Created and produced by multiple-Emmy Award winning host of 3’s The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah Winfrey, Oprah’s Big Give will attempt to inspire viewers as it hands over a million dollars to its participants and challenges them to give big and give back to their communities.

The series will feature a diverse, determined and competitive group of 10 people who are given the challenge of a lifetime – to change the lives of complete strangers in the most creative and dramatic ways.

The series features host Nate Berkus and expert judges including world-renowned chef and philanthropist Jamie Oliver, NFL star Tony Gonzalez, and charity founder and wife of Chris Rock, Malaak Compton-Rock.

“People are going to get really involved not only with the stories of the people that we help but with the stories of people that are competing,” Oprah’s Big Give host Nate Berkus recently told American TV Guide.

“They’re regular people who have to think fast and make huge things happen even faster. The truth is that we’re looking for the next everyday hero,” Berkus added.

Over the series the “gives” will get bigger, the guest stars will get brighter and tension will mount, all culminating in the exciting series finale where ‘The Biggest Giver’ will become the biggest winner. What the contestants don’t know – and only viewers do – is that Oprah Winfrey will surprise ‘The Biggest Giver’ with a whopping $1 million prize.

Tonight’s series premiere kicks off in Los Angeles, where Oprah will meet 10 contestants and hand each of them an envelope with only the name and picture of a stranger whose lives they must change.

Participants will then be asked to create an idea that will develop the resources awarded to them to drastically improve the life of their assigned person within five days, forcing them to deal with the stress of it all by using ultimate strategy and creativity. The goal of the promotion is to see the participants do something big with the money, make it grow, and pay it forward to their community.

Make sure not to miss Oprah’s Big Give when it premieres on Wednesday, June 18th at 7:30pm on 3.