Our First Home

TV3 will be happy to see the 23% lift in ratings from last Sunday’s X Factor NZ to an average audience of 314,870 viewers, making it the second highest for a Sunday so far this season.

TV One, on the other hand, suffered its lowest Sunday night average audience for Our First Home since the season began with a low of 272,030 viewers, equating to a 49% loss of audience from the lead in provided by Sunday.


The overnights are in and TV One’s Our First Home has risen again to secure its second highest average audience since debut with 370,200 viewers.

The X Factor NZ again rose from Sunday but was down slightly on the previous week with an average audience of 307,400 viewers.

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Sunday night’s overnight ratings saw both Our First Home and The X Factor NZ improve their average audiences by 3% each on the previous week while it was TV One’s home renovation show that came out on top for the second week in a row.


the-x-factor-nz-2014After a much better week for TV One’s home renovation show, Our First Home took another hit last night and dropped to an average audience of 274,750 from the previous night which was the second lowest rating episode the series has had, only marginally higher then the previous Tuesday.

At 26%, the fall was almost as bad as what the X Factor experienced on Sunday which lead to the frontpage headlines and poor reporting by the Herald and Fairfax. I doubt we’ll see the same level of coverage from them today, however, as it doesn’t suit their MO.
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XfactorlogoDespite the appalling ratings coverage of the mainstream media yesterday, the ratings are about what we’d expect them to be without the beat up around one contestant with a criminal past.

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Gib board isn’t the only thing TV One’s new home renovation series is demolishing at the moment. Last night’s episode of Our First Home delivered its lowest rating for the state broadcaster since the series began with an average audience of only 261,630 viewers. That equates to a loss of 41% of the audience numbers they had when the series began 3 weeks ago.

This is the same decrease as the loss of audience from the lead in provided by Seven Sharp which ironically is very similar to the same amount that forced TVNZ to ring in changes when the 7pm current affairs show delivered the same compared to its lead in from One News in 2013.

On the other hand, or channel as the case may be, TV3 increased their average audience of total viewers to 358,300 last night, making it the most watched episode this season. This was an 18% increase on the season premiere.

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The X Factor NZ returned again on Sunday for the second week of auditions and the second week of going head to head against TV One’s Our First Home. While it was OFHNZ that took the honors last week with most people tuning in for the home renovation show, TV3 have been on top since last Monday. Last night saw the talent quest hit the front in the key Sunday night timeslot.

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jackie-thomas-wins-xfactorThe ratings are out and TV3 have again won their battle against TV One’s Our First Home. The X Factor NZ had an average audience last night of 344,080 viewers compared to only 305,090 for OFHNZ.

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our_first_home_logoIt was a good night for TV3 last night as the ratings for the second episode of The X Factor NZ jumped 17% from the season premiere to an average audience of 354,750 viewers. It’s a great start for the show as ratings typically drop off after a launch.

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Last night saw the return of The X Factor NZ and the first night that TV3 went head to head against TV One’s new home renovation series Our First Home. It’s not often we get to see two major locally made productions going head to head for eye balls so this morning’s overnight ratings data was always going to be fascinating to analyse once they arrived.

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