Out Of The Blue

Weekdays at 5.30pm

TV2’s new drama Out Of The Blue follows a group of friends who have returned home to Manly, Australia, for a long-awaited school reunion. However, the celebration soon turns to tragedy when one of them is mysteriously murdered. Worse still, one of the friends is the killer.

Out Of The Blue follows the group of friends and their great web of relationships, victories, screw-ups, jealousies and rivalries. People take chances, and mistakes are made. The shocking truth about Philby’s death will bring the remaining six friends closer than ever.

This week, a confused Stavva flees in an attempt to save everyone from his mounting woes, but he is tricked into returning by well-meaning friends and family. A terrified Tess receives threatening emails from a mystery person who claims to have Philby’s computer. She has no idea who this person is and what they could possibly want with her.

Also, Daniel attempts to bribe Addo into blaming Stavva for Philby’s murder, and Addo makes a choice that stuns everyone.