DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 7 August, 6pm

Overruled! follows the trials of Jared “Coop” Cooper, a 15-year old whose cool, fun and articulate traits lead him to become a lawyer in Banting High School’s Teen Court. Joining Coop in the school’s legal proceedings are by-the-book lawyer Kaleigh Stewart, Judge Tara Bohun and court clerk Rusty Dougal. In “Take the Cheese Loaf and Run”, the stakes are raised when a student advisory council comes to Banting to decide the fate of the teen court. As the advisors watch, Coop takes on the case of a student fired from the school newspaper for giving glowing reviews of the less than appetizing cafeteria food. Meanwhile, Gil tries to be #1 Dad to Jordy, after she paints a family portrait with him looking small and insignificant.