Packed To The Rafters

PackedtotheRafters2Packed to the Rafters is coming to an end.

The Seven network in Australia has confirmed that the hugely popular drama series will wrap following its sixth season.

Kiwi-born actress Rebecca Gibney says the finale season has a sense of “finality” to it.

“The cast, writers and producers have always said that we wanted to keep Rafters as one of the most-watched shows on TV,” said Gibney.

“If we ever felt like we were losing too many cast members, we needed to end on a high. Continue reading »

PackedtotheRafters2013Packed to the Rafters ending

Packed to the Rafters will end for good after its sixth season, Channel Seven has confirmed. The drama series will wrap with a two-hour finale this year.

Longoria discusses Simpsons role

Eva Longoria has given some details about her guest role in The Simpsons next season, saying she will voice a school student called Isabel. “I play Isabel, a new student who is finally Lisa’s intellectual equal,” she says, “They become fast friends, and then things take a left turn when they realise they have different political views.” Continue reading »

AsherKeddieAustralia’s top TV prize has been handed out to the star of Offspring.

Asher Keddie claimed the Gold Logie prize for her role in the drama series at last night’s 2013 Logie Awards, which celebrate the best in Australian television.

Keddie triumphed over comedy due Hamish and Andy, Carrie Bickmore, Adam Hills and Steve Peacocke to win the award, which is given to the most popular personality on TV.

She also claimed the Most Popular Actress award ahead of Rebecca Gibney of Packed to the Rafters. Continue reading »

8:30pm Sunday, June 3 on TV One

In tonight’s season finale, Julie ponders the natural cycle of life when she receives a response from the romance novel publishing house.

The launch party of Rafter Electrical marks the beginning of a new era in Dave’s career. But it’s Nathan who gets the biggest surprise with the news of Layla’s death from a drug overdose. It’s a wake-up call for Nathan, triggering a bout of soul-searching and a drastic plan for the future.

Jake struggles with a shock revelation from Bree, while Coby struggles with Bree entirely, leaving him to believe the Rafters would be better off without him.

Ben and Emma are both nervously looking forward to their first date, while Donna is entertaining surprising romantic notions of her own.

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8:30pm Sunday, May 13 on TV One

Keep in touch with your favourite Aussie family, the Rafters.

On tonight’s episode, Ted is trying to find a new purpose in his life. But when Donna declines his request for a job at the Boat Club, Ted is dealt the first of many blows to his confidence.

Meanwhile, Ben agrees to go to the movies with Emma, Carbo and Retta. But after an illness keeps Retta and Carbo at home, it means the pressure is on for Ben. And an accidental date turns into a very deliberate kiss.

Meanwhile, Dave is struggling to take his own leap of faith and accept his brother Matt.

Missed an episode of Packed to the Rafters? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

8:30pm Sunday, February 12 on TV One

On tonight’s episode, Julie muses on the perogative of every person to build their own perfect world.

Meanwhile, Rachel is torn between taking a job in New York and building a life with Jake.

Carbo and Retta have received wedding magazines from Greece – a not-so-subtle hint from Rita.

And Nathan doesn’t have much luck getting attention for his Parts Exchange website.

Missed an episode of Packed to the Rafters? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

8:30pm Sunday, February 5 on TV One

Tonight, Kiwi actress Zoe Cramond (Go Girls) makes her Packed To The Rafters debut as Emma Mackey, a new friend of Ben’s.

Ben, in a rash frame of mind, accepts an offer of a night out from Emma after meeting her at the boat club. Unfortunately, taking forward steps is not so easy for Ben. The night with Emma turns to a sham when Ben leaves her at a club without bothering to explain why, or even say goodbye.

Things go from uncomfortable to painful when Ben turns up to work to find out that Emma is the daughter of his boss. Ben is forced to make an apology, and eventually an explanation. There is catharsis for Ben in telling his story, the story of Mel, to a new friend. Out of the ruins of the night a new alliance is formed.

Meanwhile, Nathan is in a positive frame of mind, making the most of each day…and then he gets a letter from Sammy’s lawyers; his divorce is final. It’s an uncertain moment.

Jake and Rachel have been skirting around each other for days, with Jake feeling intensely uncomfortable about how Rachel might be seeing him. Finally they reach out to each other and they spend a long night talking.

The day of Coby’s sentencing hearing has arrived, which happens to coincide with Ruby’s first day of day care. So much for Julie getting some spare time to enjoy…

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8:30pm Sunday, January 15 on TV One

Tonight, a special double episode heralds the return to TV ONE of a brand new series of the stand-out Australian drama, Packed To The Rafters.

It’s been three months since Ben and Nathan left on their road trip around Australia.

At home much has happened.

Coby has moved in with Jake and started his job as an apprentice to Dave. Ruby has started walking and the house has been baby-proofed. Carbo and Retta’s engagement party is fast approaching but it’s the anticipated arrival of Rita – and what she’ll say about the new relationship – which is causing nervous diarrhoea for Carbo and dry-retching for Retta!

Missed an episode of Packed To The Rafters? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

Scrubs reunion on Cougar Town

Former Scrubs actors Zach Braff and Roberto Maschio have both landed guest roles on Cougar Town. The pair will make cameos in the show’s third season alongside other Scrubs stars Sarah Chalke, Sam Lloyd and Ken Jenkins.

Dexter actress joins The Good Wife

Dexter actress Jennifer Carpenter has signed on to appear on The Good Wife. Carpenter is best known for her role as Deb Morgan in Dexter.

Satchwell joins Packed to the Rafters

Former Neighbours and Water Rats actress Brooke Satchwell will guest star on Packed to the Rafters. The actress has spent the last few weeks filming her role on the drama series.

Beavis and Butt-head return praised

The return of Beavis and Butt-head to MTV has proved popular with both viewers and critics. The first new episode of the cartoon has premiered in the US and was packed with commentary on the new wave of pop culture icons, such as Twilight and Jersey Shore.

Sheridan eyeing Packed to the Rafters exit

Packed to the Rafters actor Hugh Sheridan, who plays Ben Rafter, is eyeing an exit from the Aussie drama series in order to try his luck in the US. “The main reason for going over there is that, while I don’t have any definite plans yet to leave Rafters, LA is the ultimate opportunity for actors,” Sheridan said.

Vinny rumoured to be leaving Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore cast member Vinny Guadagnino is said to be departing the MTV reality series ahead of its fifth season. MTV have refused to clarify the rumours, instead just saying: “viewers can be assured they will have answers when season five premieres.”

Glee dropping cast member

Glee producers have confirmed that actor Chord Overstreet will not be returning as a series regular for its third season. He may still appear on the show as an occasional guest star.

Fry to play God in Monty Python project

Stephen Fry is to play God in a forthcoming BBC comedy film that deals with the religious controversy created by the Monty Python movie The Life of Brian.