Parks and Recreation

Neve Campbell joins cast of Grey’s Anatomy
Former Party Of Five star Neve Campbell is going to appear in at least two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. She will play one of Derek’s sisters.

Christie Brinkley joins Parks And Recreation
Former Sports Illustrated model Christie Brinkley has joined the cast of Parks And Recreation. She will play Jerry’s wife, Gayle.

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Megan Mullally to return to Parks And Recreation
Megan Mullally is returning to Parks And Recreation for one episode during the show’s fifth season. Her character will stir up trouble between Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) and his new girlfriend, Diane (Lucy Lawless).

Buzz Aldrin to guest star on The Big Bang Theory
Buzz Aldrin will make a cameo as himself on season six of The Big Bang Theory.

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Breaking Bad actor joins Parks and Recreation

Breaking Bad actor Jonathan Banks has joined the cast of Parks and Recreation. Banks will play the father of Ben (Adam Scott) in the show’s fifth season.

New monster pilot being produced

Gossip Girl execs Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage have teamed up with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke for a new pilot that was written by acclaimed writer Bret Easton Ellis. Entitled Copeland Prep, the pilot will focus on a high school where the students are being transformed into monsters. Continue reading »

Lucy Lawless to guest star on Parks and Recreation

New Zealand’s Lucy Lawless is set to guest star on US comedy Parks and Recreation. She will appear in two episodes as a single mother in Pawnee, who catches the eye of Ron (Nick Offerman).

Michael J. Fox working on TV comeback

Michael J. Fox is working on a new TV show – a single-camera comedy series, which will be directed by Will Gluck (Easy A) and written by Sam Laybourne (Cougar Town, Arrested Development). Continue reading »

9:00pm – Tuesday, August 14 on FOUR

Ron (Nick Offerman) takes his troop, the Pawnee Rangers, into the wild in this week’s hilarious Parks and Recreation, continuing its latest season on Tuesday, August 14 th at 9pm on FOUR. “There will be no video games. There will be no internet pads. This weekend you have two parents: me and Mother Nature,” Ron tells his troop. But when Leslie (Amy Poehler) discovers this, she attempts to upstage Ron’s wilderness group by taking her own club, the Pawnee Goddesses, on an adjacent outing.

But whose troop will emerge from the weekend victorious? Find out when Parks and Recreation continues on Tuesday, August 14 th at 9pm on FOUR.

9:00pm – Tuesday, July 31 on FOUR

Ron’s (Nick Offerman) first ex-wife, Tammy One (guest star Patricia Clarkson), re-enters his life and tries to control his every move in this week’s hilarious Parks And Recreation, continuing its latest, fourth season on Tuesday, July 31 st at 9pm on FOUR. “I’ve been such a huge fan of hers for many years, and it’s nothing short of a dream come true that I got to actually work in scenes with her,” Nick Offerman says about working with the Six Feet Under actress.

“She even surpassed our expectations. Not only is she gorgeous and an incredible actress, but she is insanely hilarious to boot. I think everybody on set was just bowled over with how funny she was on the show.” Parks And Recreation co-creator, Michael Schur says Clarkson’s character, Tammy One will be “very different” from that of Ron’s other ex-wife Tammy Two (Megan Mullally).

“The relationship she has with Ron is not a hedonistic animal attraction that we’ve seen before,” he says. “They have a more complicated and rich back-story that we get into and delve into.”

Make sure not to miss this when Patricia Clarkson guest stars in Parks And Recreation, screening on Tuesday, July 31 st at 9pm on FOUR.

9:00pm – Tuesday, July 24 on FOUR

This week sees Parks and Recreation entering its latest, fourth season which will see the hit comedy centre on Leslie’s (Amy Poehler) dilemma between running for office and staying in a relationship with Ben (Adam Scott). Parks and Recreation screens on Tuesday, July 24 th at 9pm on FOUR. “[Leslie] attacks the problem from every angle and comes to the conclusion that there’s no way to have a relationship and to follow her dream of running for office,” Parks and Recreation showrunner, Michael Schur explains about the series fourth season.

“So, the premiere is about her trying to make a decision about which one she wants to do.”

“The last scene in the premiere is the everything-comes-to-a-head scene with Ben and Leslie. It’s a very interesting, fraught scene. And it was grade-A acting on both of their parts. I’m really excited to see how people react.”

Schur also says season four will see Tom’s (Aziz Ansari) new business “overlap with regular parks business” and that viewers will also meet a member of Jerry’s (Jim O’Heir) family.

Make sure not to miss all this when Parks and Recreation enters its fourth season on Tuesday, July 24 th at 9pm on FOUR.

9:00pm – Tuesday, April 3 on FOUR

Following last week’s season two finale, this week sees FOUR’s hit comedy Parks And Recreation entering it’s third season on Tuesday, April 3 rd at 9pm on FOUR. When season two concludes last week, Parks and Recreation’s romantic entanglements were only beginning to get, well, really tangled.

Visiting auditors Ben (Adam Scott) and Chris (Rob Lowe) took a shine to Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ann (Rashida Jones), but Leslie kind of hated Chris’ cynical attitude toward government, and Ann kind of hated that she got drunk and hooked up with Chris. Then there’s April (Aubrey Plaza), who really hated Andy (Chris Pratt) for letting Ann kiss him, and Ron (Nick Offerman), who flat-out hates his ex.

So where does all this leave Pawnee’s would-be couples? Find out when Parks and Recreation enters its third season on Tuesday, April 3 rd at 9pm on FOUR.

The Glee Project renewed

Spin-off series The Glee Project has been renewed for a second season by the Fox network in the US. 

No friends movie for LeBlanc

Former Friends actor Matt LeBlanc has ruled out taking part in a Friends movie as he says he would rather remember the characters as they were when the TV series ended. “Also Friends was about this final period in six people’s lives. You know that saying the book is always better than the movie because your imagination as to what these characters have moved on to and done with their lives is gonna do more justice for the characters than for us to try and put them back in a room together.”

Hayes to guest in Parks and Recreation

Former Will & Grace actor Sean Hayes has landed a guest role on Parks and Recreation. Hayes will play a respected TV journalist on the show.

Cougar Town to return

Cougar Town has finally been given a return date in the US, after months of delaying by the ABC network. The series, with possibly a new title, will return on February 14.

Rudd to guest in Parks and Rec

Paul Rudd has been confirmed to be making an appearance in Parks and Recreation as an opponent for Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope. He will feature in at least one episode.

Goodfellas project confirmed

A TV series based on the 1990 gangster movie Goodfellas is officially in the works. The project will be written by Nicholas Pileggi, who penned the original screenplay for the Robert De Niro movie.

Poehler to direct episode

Actress Amy Poehler will step behind the camera to direct an episode of Parks and Recreation. Poehler, who plays Leslie, also wrote the episode that she will be directing as well as starring in.

Darabont working on new drama

Frank Darabont has signed on to write and direct a new drama project called L.A. Noir. Darabont, who directed The Shawshank Redemption and recently developed zombie series The Walking Dead, will oversee the pilot that will centre on the war between the LA police chief and mobster Mickey Cohen.

Actors returning to The Good Wife

A number of former Good Wife actors, including Amy Sedaris and Parker Posey, have signed on to return to the series for an episode this year.