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Question time is likely to be highly volatile this afternoon after revelations that David Cunliffe wrote a letter supporting Donghua Liu’s residency in 2003. The Labour leader has been making statements to media that he had no involvement but today’s developments have proven him to have been economical with the truth.

National’s Maurice Williamson resigned after revelations of similar behaviour.

Bill English is about to deliver his 6th budget for National with a project return to surplus. Watch the budget via this live stream from Parliament TV.

ParliamentTVParliament TV will no doubt have a few extra pairs of eyeballs watching this afternoon with disgraced MP Aaron Gilmore due to make his valedictory speech following question time.

Should make for interesting viewing given he has threatened utu.

Parliament TV can be found on Freeview channel 22, Igloo channel 25, Sky channel 90 and Vodafone channel 90.

Last night, our elected representatives used the Christchurch earthquake as an excuse to ram through another unrelated piece of legislation that they clearly had very little understanding of.  The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Bill is a replacement for the abandoned section 92A of the Copyright Act that was scrapped after the #blackout campaign in 2009.  You may remember it better as the Guilt Upon Accusation law.

There are a number of issues with the new law but the most concerning is the following:

It includes the idea that the Copyright Tribunal should believe the accusation from the media companies unless the account holder can prove it to be wrong. This is even when these accusations have been proven time and time again to often be substantially inaccurate. There are no penalties for making false accusations.

When it comes to copyright infringement, there is now no such thing as the principle of innocent until proven guilty. 

Being the ineffective oppostion that Labour have shown themselves to be, they held hands with the government as they once again progressed a law that removes a basic right to a fair trial.  The only party to oppose the bill were the Greens and independent MP’s Hone Harawira and Chris Carter.

The debate that went on until midnight was embarrassing to listen to as a handful of ignorant politicians pretended to understand the technology that is obviously well beyond them.

The bill comes into effect on the 1st of September.

This has to be one of the funniest clips from Question Time.  Ever.  Labour’s David Parker asks the following question to National’s Gerry Brownlee:

Has he received my invitation dated 14 December to accompany me, after Parliament rises, on the Gillespie Pass tramping circuit in the north-eastern parts of the Mount Aspiring National Park, so that he can inspect first-hand areas in the conservation estate included in his stock-take of mineral resources, and will he accept it?

From today, television viewers will be able to view live, the full, unedited proceedings of Parliament on Freeview 22 and SKY Channel 94.

Parliament TV will broadcast all debates from the Chamber in full from 9 October 2007 via both television companies.

Parliament’s Speaker Hon Margaret Wilson says access for members of the public to the full proceedings of Parliament is greatly improved thanks to Freeview and SKY.

Debates from the Chamber are a new Freeview service.

SKY has previously broadcast Parliament’s Question Time. Now its viewers will be able to tune in to the full proceedings of Parliament.

The proceedings of Parliament can also be viewed at and heard on Radio New Zealand’s AM network and at

At 12:30 we welcomed Triangle TV into the world of digital TV with their official launch on freeview. This was great news as they become the first regional broadcaster to go digital free to air. This is great news for both Triangle, and freeview.

Probably only an hour or so later the channel suddenly appeared on Ch 89 on Sky STBs, along with Parliament TV on Ch 94. No electronic program guide information yet, but the channels are visible.

Now I’m wondering what the official reaction is going to be from freeview and Kordia? All the work put in by Kordia to assist Stratos, only for it to appear on Sky? If they don’t put up much of a fight I’m sure we will see TVNZ-6 on Sky’s STBs in no time.

There is of course the chance I’m taking the wrong angle on this, and it had all been arranged with Sky TV from the start, but somehow I doubt it.

Parliament TV will include live broadcasts of all sessions from the House of Representatives including question time, legislative debates, matters of urgency and extended coverage if the House sits outside of regular hours.

This will be broadcast live giving viewers the opportunity to see the vigorous debate that is the hallmark of a healthy Parliamentary democracy.

“We have made the feeds of live coverage from the debating chamber available to all broadcasters but have always wanted as many viewers as possible to see the full, unedited debates. Freeview will enable us to do that, ” the Speaker, Hon Margaret Wilson, said.

Steve Browning, Freeview’s General Manger, says

“We’re delighted that Parliament TV has chosen to launch its service on Freeview and complement our existing services of TVONE, TV2, TV3, C4, Maori Television, Radio NZ National and Concert, and TVNZ Sport Extra. This takes Freeview’s digital television offering to a total of eleven services.”

“Freeview is offering Kiwis a high quality range of programme choices for the one-off cost of a set-top-box. So it is shaping up as an increasingly attractive offer, evidenced by the 41,000 households who have already chosen free-to-air digital satellite reception,” he adds.

More information can be found on the Freeview website.

Full unedited proceedings of Parliament can be now be viewed online live. Archives will also be available.

Eight remote-controlled cameras will film the proceedings.

For details of sitting times, go to