Paul Holmes


29/04/1950 – 01/02/2013

You will be dearly missed


Sad news

paul-holmes-red-chairA week after being knighted at his Hawkes Bay home, Sir Paul Holmes is back in hospital.

The veteran broadcaster is in Hawke’s Bay Hospital in a stable condition.

His family have gathered in the region to be with him.

“The family have gathered in Hawkes Bay to be close to Paul, however, request privacy at this time and will be making no comment to the media,” a statement from his wife Lady Deborah Holmes and his brother Ken said.

Three weeks ago we suggested that Paul Holmes’ Kim Dotcom interview was his last due to his deteriorating health.

Two days later, the New Zealand Herald’s gossip columnist, Rachel Glucina, quoted Holmes as saying “Nothing is really wrong with me“.  The NZ Herald then repackaged her gossip column as news, which was then repeated by 3 News and others without any further verification. Continue reading »

Early last week we heard a rumour that current affairs stalwart Paul Holmes had been diagnosed with terminal congenital heart failure and had been given only weeks to live.  Rumors like this about people you have a great deal of respect for are quite upsetting so we set about to try and confirm if it was true or not.  Neither TVNZ, Q&A producer Tim Watkin or Paul Holmes’ wife Deborah, who we spoke to, would talk to us about it.

This past Sunday, Paul Holmes appeared on Q+A looking and sounding rather unwell in a pre-recorded interview with Kim Dotcom.  The interview had apparently been recorded on Friday and came after he had been off work and hospitalised once again at the beginning of the month after open heart surgery in June.  He has not been back at work on his radio show or Q+A since the end of October.  While there were many reports of his hospitalisation, there have been none saying he’s been discharged. Continue reading »