Weekends, premiering Saturday 23rd January @ 7:45am

It’s magic in the city with Pearlie the park fairy! Pearlie is a brand new, witty and colourful animated series based on the popular children’s books by Wendy Harmer, and it will be magically appearing on Nickelodeon in January 2010! Pearlie is a fashionable young urban fairy in charge of Jubilee Park, a park in the centre of a bustling Australian city. Pearlie is put in charge of the park by the fairy headquarters after graduating from Fairy school and has assistance in Jasper, her right hand elf and Opal, an outback fairy from Australia sent to Jubilee Park by HQ to learn the ropes of park management from Pearlie. This imaginative new series makes fun of fairy tale conventions while putting a contemporary and urban spin on the fairy genre. Catch Pearlie, weekends at 7:45am.