Tuesday 24 February, 9.30pm

Series two of local drama Plainclothes, the story of seven plain-clothes cops, starts on TVNZ 6 Showcase this week.

Plainclothes follows the members of an urban Crime Control Unit as they battle prostitution, drugs, domestic violence, burglaries and murder on their patch. Each has their own method of blending into the criminal community – and their own way of dealing with the stress of the job.

In the first episode of series two, LP (Sean Duffy), George (Rhondda Findleton) and Oscar (Pete Smith) get involved in the chase for a bank robbery getaway car, but are blocked by traffic and lose the robbers. When the CCU learn that a sportsbag was thrown from the car and that a young boy on a bicycle picked it up, they set out to find him. Unfortunately, the thieves have the same idea and the race is on to see who will get to him first.

Meanwhile, James (Erik Thomson) and Linda (Gillian Baxter) head to the beach on their day off. While Linda is getting ice-creams, James is distracted by an attractive woman taking her top off nearby. Later James discovers his wallet is missing and when another couple come in a report a similar story, Linda smells a rat.