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While fans of Campbell Live have tuned in to boost the average audience for the show, they’re not actually helping. Last night’s average audience was up to 293,300 which was the third highest rating episode the show has had since September 2013. However, the problem that Mediaworks has been wanting to address is that the audience from Campbell Live isn’t sticking around after the show which is affecting the rest of their evening ratings and ultimately, their revenue.

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Rob Lemoto

One of New Zealand’s top rating shows has a new host. After an in-depth search, Detective Sergeant Rob Lemoto has been named Police Ten 7’s new front man.

Rob has spent nearly 20 years in the police, the majority of which has been dealing with serious crime. Joining the Ten 7 team brings Rob full circle as he first appeared on the show in 2004 as he investigated an aggravated robbery at a McDonalds in his hometown. Continue reading »

policeten7After 46 years fighting crime Detective Inspector (r) Graham Bell has decided to finish his long run as presenter of Police Ten 7. The former Detective Inspector spent 33 years in the NZ Police and was responsible for the successful resolution of numerous high-profile and serious crimes. Retiring from the Police in 2001 he received a QSM for services to the community, and in 2002 began a 13 year career as the straight talking host of Police Ten 7. The programme was a place where he felt he could continue to make a difference and continue the fight against crime. He is loved by viewers for his colourful language and zero tolerance stance towards offending.

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The Westport Daily News reports that a wanted man who featured on Police Ten 7 last night has been apprehended:

Police have arrested a man who allegedly assaulted a woman in Westport last month.

Police said the arrest of Tandy Robertson, 33, followed information from the public after Robertson’s appearance on television show Police Ten 7 last night. Continue reading »

7:30pm Thursday, November 8 on TV2

Tonight, the Police Ten 7 team revisits their most memorable ladies and the problems they cause Police.

From the drunk and disorderly to the outrageous, it’s the best of the Ten 7 bad girls…

7:30pm Thursday, September 6 on TV2

Get your party gear on! New Zealand’s best loved crime-fighting show, Police Ten 7 celebrates its milestone 350th episode.

Tonight, police deal with a half-naked, self-proclaimed millionaire, and come across a drunk driver with an extreme case of the munchies.

7:30pm Thursday, May 24 on TV2

Spotty, sweaty, hormone riddled – terrible teens are under the spotlight in tonight’s special episode of Police Ten 7.

Misbehaving teens are every parent’s, and every police officer’s, worst nightmare. In this special episode we look at some of our most out-of-control teens, who all think being under age makes them above the law.

Meanwhile, telephone calls from viewers of Police Ten 7 have resulted in Porirua police arresting a man for indecent assault.

The 53-year-old was arrested on April 30th and has appeared in the Porirua District Court. It follows an incident which took place on March 28th as a schoolgirl waited for a train on a platform at Porirua Railway Station.

Detective Nicola Holroyd, Porirua police, said there was an excellent response from the public to the appeal for information on last week’s programme.

“We’d like to thank callers and Police Ten 7 for their help.”

Last night’s screening of Police Ten-7 spurred many members of the public to call in to give information regarding the case of Feilding Farmer Scott Guy.

The TV2 show featured the homicide case and urged viewers to call in is they have any information, as minor as it may have been, about their actions that day in the area Guy was killed.

Police spokeswoman Kim Perks said that since the show aired, the hotline has received around 50 calls from people giving information.

“We will not be commenting on the content of those calls; suffice to say the investigation team will now follow up on all of the information received,” Perks said.

Guy’s sister Nikki also urged people to watch the show, which featured interviews with their parents Bryan and Jo Guy, also sister Anna MacDonald and the investigator heading the case Detective Inspector Sue Schwalger.

Police believe the 31-year-old farmer was shot as he left his Aorangi Road property to milk his cows on the nearby farm in the early hours of July 8. 

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  • Anyone notice Libby’s hair on Shortland Street lately has been to die for?  Amazing!
  • Oliver = Joey 2.0 on Shortland Street, but Oliver is nowhere near as good as Joey.  Oliver = medical professional who secretly experiments treatments on patients to aid his research and doesn’t mind if they die.  Joey = medical professional who secretly operated on patients to aid his skills and doesn’t mind if they die.  Both had dead ex-es. 
    Joey was better because: 1. we got to know (and like) him before realising he was secretly Mr. Evil.  Some of us even felt sorry for him.  2. there was huge mystery and suspense.
    We know Oliver is bad right from early on, before we’ve really got to know him.
  • There’s now two “cults” in the news.  Heh. Makers of The Cult will be hoping it helps their ratings.
  • I love Packed to the Rafters and wish they were a real family who lived next door.  (Except I have lovely next door neighbours.)
  • That Pacific Blue ad gets stuck in my head something chronic.  Meh.
  • I really love the new “This little light of mine” Telecom ad.  I want to slow the ad down and take a closer look at all the cute drawings.  Their scribble logo doesn’t look nearly so bad as I thought it would at the end.
  • I’m not sure what I think of TVNZ7’s ad with Bill English.  Sometimes I think it’s super clever, other times I’m wary of it being a political ad.  Did he get paid?  Whose idea was it do have him in there?
  • I love Glee!!!  It actually makes me cry and laugh most episodes.  Can’t wait for it to start on TV3 and everyone else can rave about it too!
  • I’m sick of ONE News script writers using: “we can reveal” and “exclusive”.
  • TV moment of the week: women on Birdland telling presenter Jeremy Wells that a TV3 reporter accidentally dropped and killed a beloved penguin when doing a story on them.
  • I’ve actually rediscovered Police Ten 7 thanks to the Blowing on the Pie clip.  Man there are some crazy people out there!!