Pretty Little Liars

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5:30pm Sunday, January 20 on TV2

Pretty Little Liars is back for a whole new season of mystery and intrigue.

Taking place five months after the discovery that Mona was the terrifying ‘A’, the girls have all been enjoying a break from the stresses of the past year.

However, this holiday is about to come to an abrupt end. There is a new member in the ‘A’ team and they are set to prove just as diabolical as Mona.

The girls must race against the clock to find out this new threat’s identity before one of them gets hurt.

Bob’s Burgers renewed
Cartoon comedy Bob’s Burgers has been renewed for a fourth season by Fox. Twenty-two new episodes will be made.

US Olympic swimmer to guest-star on Pretty Little Liars
US Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin, who won five medals at the London Olympics, is set to guest-star on an upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars. In the episode, swimmer Emily (Shay Mitchell) ends up having coffee at The Brew with the Missy, who is playing herself.  Continue reading »

5:30pm Sunday, July 29 on TV2

In the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, the tortured beauties come face to face with their tormentor.

Rosewood’s Junior League Masquerade Gala is the perfect setting for ‘A’s’ next game of cat and mouse, but with the girls fast on his/her heels, will this game be ‘A’s’ last?

Emily’s mother cast on Revenge

Jennifer Jason Leigh will be joining the cast of Revenge for season two. She’s landed the recurring role of Emily Thorne’s mysterious mother.

Grace Phipps cast on The Vampire Diaries

Grace Phipps has landed the role of 16-year-old April on the next season of The Vampire Diaries. April returns to Mystic Falls from private school after the death of her father. Continue reading »

5:30pm Sunday, June 10 on TV2

This week, one of the Pretty Little Liars finds herself shunned from the group – right at a time when she needs them the most.

After putting her foot down about Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) hanging out with her friends, Hanna (Ashley Benson) begins to feel that she is getting the cold shoulder from them. Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) seem to be up to something, but she can’t quite seem to figure out what it is.

But what Hanna may take as the cold shoulder, could really be just a case of guilty consciences from her friends. And if her best friends avoiding her wasn’t enough, Kate’s (Natalie Hall) first day at Rosewood High is looming. Now that her evil stepsister is invading her space, Hannah needs her friends more than ever.

5:30pm Sunday, April 22 on TV2

Emily (Shay Mitchell) is at breaking point – the Pretty Little Liars need to act fast before their deadly secret is exposed.

After being pushed around, threatened and more by ‘A’, Emily is at a breaking point and her friends know that something drastic has to be done to save her.
The girls turn to the only person they have come to trust and know that she can’t let their secrets out: Dr Anne Sullivan (Annabeth Gish). Finally being able to reveal the torment ‘A’ has put them through to someone outside the tight-knit group gives the girls a sense of relief and Emily a new sense of courage.

But with the cat being out of the bag, has a weight really been lifted off their shoulders, or could it have just provoked new fears? And now that Dr Sullivan is aware of ‘A’ and what the girls have been put through, could she be next on ‘A”s target list?

Meanwhile, Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) grandmother, Regina (Betty Buckley) comes to town to stir up trouble for Tom’s (Roark Critchlow) rehearsal dinner.

5:30pm Sunday, March 4 on TV2

Will a helping hand be enough to pull the girls out of their tangled web of lies? Pretty Little Liars, this week on TV2.

Set one year after the disappearance of Alison, the manipulative and vindictive queen bee, the one-hour drama revolves around four 16-year-old girlfriends -Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily – who have lost touch with one another until each begins to receive mysterious messages suggesting that Alison is watching them and knows their most private details they are desperate to keep hidden.

Suddenly, living in their picturesque suburban community is far from perfect as secrets, lies and betrayals threaten everything they hold dear. Even after Alison’s body is discovered, the messages don’t stop….

This week, the girls find that a helping hand is needed to get out of some tricky situations. Plus, Aria has a chance encounter with someone who brings back surprising memories.

5:30pm Sunday, February 12 on TV2

Last year, we met four girls who believed their secrets were safe forever when their best friend Alison mysteriously vanished. But when they began to receive threatening messages from someone named “A,” they realised the truth might be only one text away. Based on the best-selling book series for young adults, today Pretty Little Liars continues with brand new episodes on TV2.

These girls are the talk of the town — and not in a good way. Ian’s (Ryan Merriman) body is missing and, with the entire town of Rosewood questioning exactly what happened the night before at the church, Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) have a lot of explaining to do.

Their parents – and the police – aren’t quite sure what to believe, so the girls’ parents rally together to try and help the four out with the assistance of a therapist. Forced to talk out their problems, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer feel more alone than ever. Even with the reassurance that everything they discuss won’t leave the therapist’s office, can the liars finally tell someone about “A?” Or is there no place safe from “A”‘s watchful eye?