new-prime-logoSKY Television announced yesterday that in a partnership with Government-funded Able, it will provide captioning on certain Prime Television programmes from early next year.

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Prime TVThe Cricket World Cup on Sunday had an average audience of almost half a million viewers during the Black Caps innings, making it the 3rd highest rating event for Prime in the last 6 years.

The two other things that beat it were the rowing finals at the 2012 London Olympics and Prime News a few days earlier.

The biggest audiences on Prime come from sports related events with the Olympics and delayed rugby making a strong showing while the only non-sport event near the top of the chart is a single episode of Downton Abbey. Continue reading »


Despite usually being last out of the gate with their new season launch, our friends at Prime are presenting theirs at a lunch in Auckland today. I will post details on my return.


The good news is that local content was up slightly across the board in 2013 but this was only due to increases provided by Maori Television and Mediaworks’ TV3 and Four. TVNZ provided the largest decline in local content.

The annual NZ On Air Local Content Report released today reveals some challenges being faced by the television sector.

Since 1989 NZ On Air has measured local free-to-air television content. The report compares the schedules of the six national free-to-air channels, to observe trends and changes in the local content landscape. Continue reading »

kim-dotcom-60-minutesThe interview by the American 60 Minutes program that outraged Kim Dotcom aired last night on Prime.  The New Zealand team invited Kim Dotcom on to respond.  He declined.

With the upcoming launch of his political party and his new album that he’s flogging I would have thought he would have jumped at the chance to get some publicity.

The interview airs again tonight at 7:30pm on Prime.


This is an interesting announcement.  Sky has chosen to gift the Free-To-Air delayed broadcast rights of the Warriors games to Maori Television.  It does have some implications though.  The games won’t necessarily screen a few hours afterwards, or even potentially on the same day.  It seems like a good move for Maori Television but not so much for fans who were expecting delayed coverage on Prime.  It will, I imagine, encourage more fans to subscribe to Sky for their live coverage on Sky Sport.

Maori Television has confirmed a two-year deal with SKY to screen all Vodafone Warriors games free-to-air from March with the start of the 2014 NRL Telstra Premiership.

The Vodafone Warriors games will be shown on Maori Television on Sunday or Monday nights from March 9 on a delayed basis.  Commentary for the 13 home games will be provided by ex-Warriors’ coach Tony Kemp and Maori Television presenter Te Arahi Maipi. Continue reading »

new-prime-logo-lineSky Television has ruled out committing to making Prime available in high definition in 2014.

With all the recent acquisitions by Sky Television for their free-to-air channel, much of what has previously been available in HD on TV3 is now only available is SD on Prime.  Then there are shows that Prime have had for ages, like Doctor Who, which although they screen relatively close to the UK broadcast, are still only made available in standard definition.

It’s a regular question that viewers ask.  When is Prime going to be available in HD?  It’s a question I usually ask every time I see them.  The answer is usually the same.  Take for example the comment that Travis Dunbar, Sky’s Director of Programming: Movies, Factual and General Entertainment made recently to TV reporter Phil Wakefield late last year.   Continue reading »

It’s the last chance for anyone to showcase any of the current Fox content.  Have Sky managed to secure any of it for Prime?  Hopefully we’ll find out tomorrow at their new season launch.

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I had to read this press release twice as I initially thought they were commemorating 100 years since Gallipoli.

Prime Television is excited to confirm two special ANZAC projects as the centrepieces of the channel’s 100th WWI anniversary commemorations in 2014.

The free-to-air channel’s local production slate continues to go from strength to strength and channel manager Kathy Wright said Prime’s commitment to these two landmark projects further cements this. Continue reading »

This is the third post in a series about channel share and how each of the main players have been performing over the last few years.  On Monday we had a look at TVNZ.  Yesterday it was Mediaworks. Today we’ll look at Sky Television.

The most unfortunate thing about the Sky Television ratings is that apart from a couple of individual channels, the bulk of the data is aggregated. This gives Sky the single largest individual channel share despite it including multiple channels.  in 2011, boosted by the Rugby World Cup, Sky Televsion grew its channel share by 7.3% to 29.6%.  In 2012, the London Olympics helped maintain that share, moving up by 0.5% to 29.8% while 2013 is off to a slow start with a loss of 4.7% of the channel share so far to 28.4% which is likely to end up being lower now that he EPL rights have been lost.

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