Princes of Malibu

Saturdays from 22 November
8.00pm on the BOX!

Most grown children eventually move out of home. David Foster’s stepsons did. But then they came back. As an accomplished music producer, composer, and multi Grammy Award-winner, David Foster has worked with the likes of Destiny’s Child, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and more. But now he’s caught in the midst of a story about two lazy brother’s penchant for slackerdom. Brandon and Brody Jenner – sons of Olympian Bruce Jenner and songwriter Linda Thompson (former long-time girlfriend of Elvis Presley) – are on permanent vacation in David’s house. Their mother, Linda, thinks her sons can do no wrong. They sleep till noon, they don’t have jobs, they use David’s property whenever they feel like it, spend his money and do many things – some unintentional, most otherwise – to annoy David. That is, until David forces the freeloaders to start paying rent in order to continue living in his 22-acre mansion, Casablanca. So Brandon and Brody go about all sorts of ventures to earn some money, from washing cars to creating a drive-in movie theatre on David’s front lawn, and working at a Target store. Is the luxurious life these Princes Of Malibu have come to know, about to come to an abrupt end?