Prisoners’ Wives

9:30pm Thursday, January 31 on Prime

Drama Series

Harriet is distraught when she discovers that Gavin has been attacked in prison. Harriet is desperate to help her son, but has to face the harsh fact that bullying is a reality of prison life. The only possible way to secure Gavin’s protection is to ‘buy off’ the bully, with drugs. Harriet agrees to help Gavin… but where do you get drugs from and how do you smuggle them in?

9:30pm Thursday, January 24 on Prime

Drama Series

When Francesca’s husband, Paul’s, assets are frozen as part of an on-going police investigation, Francesca watches as her mansion is stripped bare. And losing her wealth and her possessions quickly reveal frictions in her marriage as her gangster husband forbids her from getting involved. But Francesca needs to keep her family afloat and so she gets a job in secret. She becomes a night time hospital cleaner. It is when she is working alongside a fellow cleaner, Lukasz, that Francesca starts to realise how much fun she can have when she lets her hair down. Meanwhile, having promised to stand by Steve, Gemma is determined to jeopardise the case against him.

9:30pm Thursday, January 17 on Prime

Drama Series

Prisoners’ Wives is a show about a group of women who’ve lost the men in their lives to Her Majesty’s Pleasure. The women are all very different yet are bonded by the extraordinary situation they share. Life on the outside is definitely harder than on the inside, but despite their many problems – broke, lonely, sex starved and struggling – all of the women discover their inner resolve as they undergo huge transformative journeys and grow as individuals. Each episode will focus on one of the gang; their story will come to the fore and form the ‘story of the week’. But as well as majoring on a different woman each week, each episode will advance all of their on-going storylines and will see their friendships grow stronger as the gang become increasingly integral in each other’s lives.