Psychic Investigators

9:30pm Thursday, December 30 on Prime


The college town of Staunton, Virginia is being terrorized by a stocking-masked, knife-wielding serial rapist. When psychic Noreen Renier arrives to give a lecture on ESP, she becomes embroiled in the investigation. Police, desperate to stop the attacker before his crimes escalate, are stunned as Noreen’s visions provide some of the best clues yet to the rapist’s identity. Can Noreen Renier use her psychic abilities to help police stop a serial rapist – before he becomes a serial killer?

Later, two teenage girls are killed horribly, months apart, on the outskirts of the northern Canadian city of Thunder Bay. Despite the best efforts of police investigators, the case goes unsolved for two years. But when a detective contacts Noreen Renier, the psychic claims to be able to see the killer in her visions. But what the psychic sees and what police believe doesn’t match up. Are the police right? Is she wrong? Or does the psychic see something the investigators are blind to?

9:30pm Thursday, December 2 on Prime

Documentary Series

Someone is attacking the elderly female residents of the depressed mill town of Homestead, Pennsylvania. Over the past four years, five women have been raped and assaulted in their own homes. Though Police Chief Kelly has pushed his officers on the case, they’ve been unable to piece together the few scant clues and capture their attacker. But when a detective meets psychic Nancy Myer, police find they have a new tool in their investigation: Myer’s paranormal powers. The psychic tells investigators she can see the next victim. To Chief Kelly’s horror, Myer says it’s his mother.

Can Myer be right? And can she help Homestead police capture a sexual predator before he strikes again? Later, a Vancouver area nightclub owner disappears into thin air. Police believe he’s fled the city, travelling incognito under one of his many known aliases. But his fianc� doesn’t believe it. A gut instinct tells her something is terribly wrong and that her loved one has met a terrible end. Frustrated with police, the desperate fianc� contacts psychic Laurie McQuary (pictured). Can Laurie McQuary uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of William Rudy?

9:30pm Thursday, November 25 on Prime

Documentary Series

Rose Swartwood, an elderly woman living alone in New York, is stabbed to death late one night in a frenzied attack. For the next two years the case remains unsolved. Though police have a prime suspect in a thug named Demetrious Moore, they lack evidence to tie him to the case. But when a prison informant gives Detective Mike Mucci a tip, the officer is surprised. William Cuddy, a sex offender, has been bragging about killing Rose to his cell-mates. Is Cuddy connected to Moore? And if so, how? When Mucci asks psychic Phil Jordan for help, he hands Jordan a stack of 100 mug shots. Jordan wastes no time pulling two: Moore and Cuddy. What is the connection? Are they the killers? And if so, can Phil Jordan help police bring them to justice?

Later, Memphis Police have a prime suspect in the gruesome killings of two prostitutes. But as they prepare to make an arrest, psychic Carol Pate pays the cops a visit. “He’s not the killer,” she says. “You’re looking at the wrong man.” The detectives think she’s wrong. But Pate says they should be looking for a serial killer. Can Pate’s paranormal insights get inside the head of the killer? Can a psychic help police to stop a psychopath?

9:30pm Thursday, November 18 on Prime

Documentary Series

Seventeen-year-old Tyson Efird disappears from the parking lot of the grocery store where he works in Malvern, Arkansas. As the manhunt grows to involve local, state and federal officials – including Tyson’s father, a detective – police fear the worst. Tyson’s parents, desperate for answers, ask psychic Carol Pate for help in the search for their son. Using a visualization method known as “remote viewing,” Pate describes details of the disappearance that defy rational explanation. As days pass, fears grow. With police still unable to locate their son by conventional means, the Efird’s place all hope on the psychic’s mysterious abilities. Will an extraordinary last-ditch effort by a psychic prayer group be enough to save the young life of Tyson Efird?

Later, another vengeful and violent killer is at large. Can a psychic hundreds of miles away help solve a mystery of what happened to a taxman whose body was found at the bottom of a cliff beside his mangled car?

9:30pm Thursday, November 11 on Prime

Documentary Series

Late one evening in suburban Louisiana, a young carpenter offers a lift home to a women he’s met in a bar. But after riding off with the stranger in his truck, Andre disappears into the night. Distraught, his family launches a massive search effort, posting his photo around town. But their efforts yield few results. Seeking answers, Andre’s sister in California visits psychic Rosemarie Kerr (pictured). Rosemarie points to a spot on a map. “Here,” she says “Go there now!”. Spurred by the urgency of the psychic, Andre’s family race off into the night. The car chase that follows ends with a discovery as chilling as it is devastating. But there are mysteries still to uncover. Can a psychic two thousand miles away help answer the question of whatever happened to Andre Daigle?

Later, an elderly widow is brutally murdered in her small town Louisiana home. A string of murders on the same stretch of highway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge share a number of chilling similarities, leading police to fear a serial killer may be at work.

9:30pm Thursday, November 4 on Prime

Documentary Series

Real-life detective thrillers take on a supernatural turn in Psychic Investigators, a new PRIME series about actual dramatic crimes that are solved through the unlikely combination of hi-tech detective work and the paranormal powers of a psychic. On tonight’s first episode Stacy Hendrickson is a college student living in Tempe Arizona. Away from home for the first time, she vanishes one night from her apartment. Back home in Ohio, her father Roland is distraught. With police unable to provide the answers he needs, Roland turns to psychic Gale St. John. She gives Roland terrible news. Stacy, she says, is already dead. Roland urges police to listen to what St. John can tell them. Her psychic visions depict a late night intruder and a violent murder. When Stacy’s body is found as St. John described it would be, detectives start to take notice. Stacy’s killer is still on the loose and another victim is already in his sights. Can Gale St. John’s visions lead detectives to a killer before he strikes again?

Later we follow the story of a young woman who disappears into the night. A desperate detective turns to a psychic for help who, despite knowing next to nothing about the case, tells many things and believes Amy St. Laurent is already dead.