Psychic Private Eyes

Tuesday 22 April, 10.10pm

In TV2’s brand-new series Psychic Private Eyes, Britain’s best known psychic mediums are setting their extra-sensory sights on real-life unsolved cases.

Psychic Private Eyes conducts psychic investigations into baffling murders and disappearances, using the unique skills of Colin Fry, Tony Stockwell and the remarkable female psychic medium T.J. Higgs. They take on criminal cases, forgotten by the police and press, and attempt to contact the dead victims for clues.
At the heart of each one-hour episode is a detective story, with families searching for answers to the mysteries surrounding the untimely deaths of their loved ones. With no leads, no witnesses and no where else to go, family and friends turn to the Psychic Private Eyes to find out what really happened to their loved ones.

Colin Fry says: “The people we’re reading for have already had the worst happen to them. They want to know the facts and need to know them, no matter how gruesome. If we can tell them it was over quickly or there was no pain, then this can take away some of their anguish and help them move on.”

The Psychic Private Eyes are not given any information about the victim before they meet the families or conduct readings of photos and belongings. During the course of the series they will use many of the secret techniques developed in their work with the police, such as literally walking in the victim’s shoes.

The series taps into the public’s growing fascination with the paranormal. A recent Reader’s Digest Magazine survey revealed more than half of Britons believe in psychic powers.

All three of the show’s psychics have years of experience. Colin Fry became an international household name with his series 6ixth Sense with Colin Fry and sell-out theatre shows. Tony Stockwell undertakes country-wide theatre tours and has appeared in several TV series including Street Psychic, Psychic School and Psychic Detective. His first book, ‘Spirited’ was published in 2004, and has become an international best seller. T.J. Higgs writes for ‘Spirit and Destiny’ magazine and has appeared on the Richard and Judy show.

The first episode features Private Geoff Gray. He was one of four soldiers to die from gunshot wounds at Deepcut Barracks between 1995 and 2002. The army said he took his own life but the coroner recorded an open verdict. His family has been fighting to find out what actually happened ever since.

Can the Psychic Private Eyes wade through a web of mystery and unanswered questions to help find out why he died? Be watching TV2 on Tuesday 22 April at 10.10pm to find out.