Pukeko Pictures

pukekopicturesPukeko Pictures is describing its latest high-end project The Maid as “Game of Thrones with Joan of Arc in the middle of it”.

The Kiwi company’s executive vice-president of development Adam Fratto told Broadcast magazine that The Maid – which is based on the best-selling novel by Kimberly Cutter about Joan of Arc’s childhood – is their priority project.

“We’re going to take on the project as a full series, a historical Game Of Thrones with Joan of Arc in the middle of it,” Fratto said of the project that is being written by Craig Pearce (The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juiliet).

The project is one of a number on the go at the company, with others including a District 9-style sci-fi series that has been sold to a US cable network and the UK reboot of Thunderbirds. Continue reading »