Pulp Sport

Former Pulp Sport co-host Ben Boyce will return to TV3 soon with an all new show, WannaBen.

The show will follow Boyce’s quest to find a job following the conclusion of Pulp Sport, with a series of celebrity interviews thrown into the mix.

Boyce failed to settle on any old career, setting his sights on becoming a rock star, fashion icon, millionaire or movie star.

The series will see him travel around the world in search of advice from those who already live the lifestyle he wishes to have, including Alice Cooper, Richie Sambora, Vanilla Ice, Fran Drescher, Steven Seagal and Larry Flint.

He will also encounter several well-known locals such as Miriama Smith, Elemeno P, Jason Kerrison, Mike McRoberts, Antonia Prebble, Claire Chitham, Mike King, Jeremy Corbett, Paul Ego and Steve Wrigley.

WannaBen will hits screens following 7 Days at 10pm on October 8.

Source: Herald

9:30pm – Friday, October 16 on TV 3

This week sees Bill and Ben finally get what’s coming to them when Hamish “MacKay-ver” McKay gets his own back in the season conclusion of the hit series Pulp Sport, screening on Friday, October 16th at 9:30pm on 3.

Now in its seventh season, Pulp Sport has become almost as much of New Zealand culture as stubbies, jandels, and Lion Red, but what is the story behind this hilarious local series?

“The concept was created for radio originally, and Pulp Sport sounded like a good name,” explain the series’ stars, producers and writers Bill and Ben. “Then that hack Tarantino came along and blew it for the rest of us!”

“The whole point of the show is to make sport accessible to non-sporting people. Not everyone cares about Dan Carter’s kicking percentage but everyone can relate to just how damn good looking he is,” continues Bill. “And boy, is he good looking!” adds Ben.

“Radio set the tone for the character based skits that are such an important part of Pulp Sport, and prepared us for a future of diabolical ratings and a complete lack of critical acclaim.”

With this type of self antipathy it’s no wonder Bill and Ben never thought their series would reach television, let alone seven successful seasons.

“No way. Not in a million years or seven years to be exact!” says Ben when faced with the question. “Every time we do a series, more and more people seem to tune in and we get better at this whole TV thing. The first couple of series were pretty average… even by our low standards.”

But all jokes aside, the Pulp Sport guys seem genuinely taken back by their own achievements. “No seriously though, it’s pretty cool we get to continue to keep doing such a fun job year after year,” says Ben.

But that’s where the seriousness ends; “We think the secret is… it’s only on eight times a year… anymore than that and people would really start getting sick of us.”

So what’s in store for you guys in the season finale, a little birdie told me MacKay-ver will finally be exacting his revenge. “After years of tormenting Hamish [McKay] he wanted some revenge, so without our knowledge, the rest of the Pulp Sport office helped Hamish ‘Pimp our ride’.”

Pimp your ride? “Our van was due for cambelt replacement, but instead Hamish and the crew took it out to Tiger Turf where it was covered in astro-turf, complete with a golf flag on the roof and dirt inside. Then they took to it with a spray can before taking it to the driving range and knocking out a few windows.”

“Fair to say we weren’t too impressed, but after years of picking on Hamish, we couldn’t get too mad. It just means, should there be another series of Pulp Sport – we’ll be eager to step up our torment of McKay to a whole new level!! Look out.”

Until that time, make sure not to miss the fruits of MacKay-ver’s revenge when Pulp Sport concludes its seventh high rating season on Friday, October 16th at 9:30pm on 3.

9:30pm – Friday, August 21 on TV 3

When Bill and Ben lost the 2008 general election, and the 2009 Mt Albert bi-election, it ended their hopes of becoming politicians and living the “sweet life”.

Now with their political careers temporarily on hold Bill and Ben return to our screens in the brand new season of the award-winning comedy series Pulp Sport, premiering on Friday, August 21st at 9:30pm on 3.

While Bill and Ben wait for 2010’s Auckland Super Mayorality race, they thought they would knock out the seventh series of what TV Guide readers believe is New Zealand’s funniest TV show.

When asked about the series and the upcoming season Ben reveals; “Take one part Jackass one part Scrubs, a pinch of Family Guy and a dollop of Rove, strain it all through Dan Carter’s jockey underpants and you’ve got Pulp Sport.”

“Yes Pulp Sport is a little like a lot of things, but like nothing you’ve seen before – unless you seen it before, in which case it’s exactly like that,” adds Bill.

Each week Bill and Ben will embark on some crazy journeys and weird adventures which according to the guys will quickly descend into “parodies of various TV shows and/or movies”.

“This series we’re ripping off… we mean… ‘paying comedic homage’ to… lots more movies and TV shows,” the guys reveal. “Everything from Harry Potter, Spiderman, Slum Dog Millionaire, and Back to the Future to Dukes of Hazard, Knight Rider and Flight of the Conchords. They’re all given the Pulp Sport treatment… that being, ripped off poorly.”

With hype like that, not to mention the numerous TV Guide readers’ awards, there’s only one place to spend your Friday nights – glued to the box watching Pulp Sport.

Pulp Sport’s brand new season follows the return of Rove on Friday, August 21st at 8:30pm on 3.

8:30pm – Friday, August 21 on TV 3

TV3’s all-new Friday night comedy line-up kicks off at 8.30pm this Friday, August 21st, with the launch of the 10th anniversary series of Rove. The top rating variety-chat show is followed by the return of Bill and Ben in the seventh series of Pulp Sport (at 9.30pm), and new show 7 Days (at 10pm), a satirical look at the news of the week with New Zealand’s best stand-up comedians.

Rove McManus and his team are celebrating a decade on air with regular flashbacks throughout the season, and a special 10th anniversary episode will screen later in the year. Rove had an inauspicious start in 1999, being canned by the Nine Network after a year in its 11pm Tuesday timeslot. Network Ten picked up the show in 2000, and Rove became one of the station’s biggest ratings winners, and now plays in its key Sunday night timeslot.

Rove’s regular team of Peter Helliar, Ryan Shelton, and Hamish and Andy will be joined by comedian Judith Lucy and radio newsreader Kristy Warner. The two newcomers replace Dave Hughes and Carrie Bickmore, who are working on a new project. This week’s episode features US singer Katy Perry, comedian Carl Barron and Hollywood writer/director Judd Apatow.

Pulp Sport sees TV3 favorites Bill and Ben return to their television roots; after losing both the General Election and the Mt Albert by-election, they have temporarily shelved their hopes of living the ‘sweet life’ of a politician. Parliament’s loss is entertainment’s gain – while Bill and Ben wait for 2010’s Auckland Super Mayorality race, they’re knocking out the seventh series of what TV Guide readers believe is New Zealand’s funniest TV show. Expect crazy journeys, weird adventures and the Pulp Sport treatment of movies, TV shows and other features of our cultural landscape.

TV3’s hilarious new local series 7 Days has Jeremy Corbett and two teams of New Zealand’s finest comic talents blast the last seven days of news out of the water – taking aim at a week of stupid news, big news, unbelievable news and news about us right here in New Zealand. The ever changing line-up includes Dai Henwood, Brendhan Lovegrove, Ben Hurley, Paul Ego, Michele A’Court, Jeremy Elwood, Penny Ashton, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, Irene Pink, and 2009 Billy T winner Chris Brain – and watch out for some very special international guests.

Friday, December 5th at 9:30pm

While there are those around who may rejoice at the thought of Pulp Sport fading away into the unfunny realms of obscurity, no one would be happier to see the back of New Zealand’s best/only ‘Spomedy’ than the show’s own co-host Ben ‘Ben’ Boyce.

With a record six Sporting Hell losses from seven episodes already under his belt, Boyce was desperate and looking for any sort of advantage.

It was then that Ben enlisted the help of, then good friend and now former Pulp Sport employee, Andy ‘Big Red’ Robinson.

Robinson was eager to aid in the design of a double sided coin before cruelly double crossing the dred-headed Ben.

And while his now tubby co-host Jamie ‘Bill’ Linehan would be dining on yet more pizza, Boyce himself would be the main course for two dozen angry, roller-skate shod, bastions of feminism – the Pirate City Rollers, roller derby team.

Join the team this Friday, December 5th at 9:30pm on 3 and witness the betrayal that spelt, what Boyce himself describes as, the “last f*%$en series” of Pulp Sport.

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Friday, November 7th at 9:30pm

What do you think of when you hear the words “Bill”, “Ben”, and “John Rowles”? Well we’ll tell you what you should be thinking of – Pulp Sport, screening on Friday, November 7th at 9:30pm on 3.

Being one of the world’s greatest crooners of the sexy ‘70s, pop star legend John Rowles was all set to make another comeback. And much to Bill and Ben’s delight John didn’t choose to make his comeback on Letterman, Leno or even Oprah. No, he chose the Award-winning Pulp Sport.

But unfortunately for everyone involved the singer pulled out in the last minute with no explanation and only these words to say; “I’m not coming because that’s how John Rowles!”

“It was pretty disappointing to have John Rowles lined up and then have him pull out at the last minute” says Ben, with a tear in his eye, of the unfortunate turn of events with the legendary singer.

“Yeah but it was quite funny when he said ‘That’s how John Rowles’ as it was like when people say ‘That’s How I Roll’ but his name is actually John Rowles” adds Bill of the incident.

“Oh yeah, I just got that now, that is quite funny,” replies Ben forcing a smile.

So who or what can Bill and Ben get to replace the one and only John Rowles? Find out when the hilarious Pulp Sport screens on Friday, November 7th at 9:30pm on 3.

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