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MediaWorks is planning the first truly cross-platform programme in New Zealand, a new breakfast show that will broadcast simultaneously on TV3 and RadioLIVE in 2015, and have a significant digital component.

Paul Henry will host the new show, which is designed to work equally well on television, radio and digital, leveraging the unique assets that give the MediaWorks a combined reach of 3.8 million New Zealanders.

MediaWorks Group CEO Mark Weldon says: “This is a significant move for MediaWorks and a major shift in the delivery of news and entertainment in the New Zealand market.

“The new show will integrate our capabilities in radio, TV and digital, creating a unique product with a unique audience proposition. Continue reading »

Sean Plunket and TV writer/producer Jodie Molloy recently put the boot into TVNZ’s arrogance over Andrew Shaw’s racist comments at their 2014 new season launch and suggest TVNZ’s response was nothing more than Nero Syndrome.

This is Nero Syndrome isn’t it?  When the emperor says something and all those that have some stake in the emperor’s holding applaud and say “That was brilliant.  Ho, ho, ho.. give us more”. And Nero believes it, and that’s the thing.

Jodie wasn’t impressed at all with Andrew Shaw’s racist attempt at humour which resulted in Plunket questioning whether that was smart considering she may have to sit down with him one day and pitch for employment.  She admitted that if she saw him, she’d tell him that she didn’t think it was that funny but also that it probably wouldn’t be smart to suggest that the emperor has a weak comedy bone.  I can’t imagine Emperor Andy forgetting that in a hurry.